Teacher Supply Package Update

Published on 14 October 2018

New and expanded initiatives are now available to help grow our teacher education workforce - to recruit additional teachers for the 2019 year. Additional funding will support more graduates into permanent teaching positions, help experienced teachers get back into the profession, attract New Zealand teachers back from overseas, and encourage overseas-trained teachers to come and teach in New Zealand.

These include:

  • A National Beginning Teachers Project to support beginner teachers to teach in areas where there are teacher shortages, or in schools with subject shortages, with a $10,000 grant for the school to allow the beginning teacher to shadow and/or be mentored by an experienced teacher. The eligibility criteria will be available next month.
  • Increasing the number of Overseas Relocation Grants and finders’ fees made available to match the increased overseas recruitment drive.
  • Additional funding for agencies to process an increased number of overseas applications over this peak period.
  • Work with the Teaching Council to improve PLD support available for overseas-trained teachers – including a focus on induction that builds the culturally responsive practices needed to work in New Zealand.
  • Increasing our overseas recruitment target for 2019 from 400 up to 900 to meet estimated demand and providing further recruitment agency support for schools. We’re continuing to focus on bringing New Zealand-trained teachers home and other teachers from countries with qualifications similar to ours.

These changes are in addition to broadening the criteria for other teacher supply initiatives. More schools will now be able to access financial support for teacher recruitment, retention and re-training: 

  •  The Recruitment, Retention, and Responsibility National Fund (3RNF) now enables more schools to access financial support for practitioners with limited authority to teach (LAT).
  • The Teacher Education Refresh (TER) can be accessed by overseas teachers, who require it, to meet certification requirements with the Teaching Council. In addition, support is provided to teachers required to repeat or re-sit aspects of the TER programme, at no further cost.

To find out more about any of the teacher supply initiatives above, contact us by:

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