Teacher Supply Package Update

Published on 10 October 2018

The review of three Teacher Supply initiatives has resulted in changes that enable more schools to access financial support for teacher recruitment, retention and re-training.  

  • The Recruitment, Retention, and Responsibility National Fund (3RNF) enables more schools to access financial support for practitioners with limited authority to teach (LAT).
  • The Schools Finders’ Fee is more accessible when recruiting for overseas teachers.
  • The Teacher Education Refresh (TER) can be accessed by overseas teachers, who require it, to meet certification requirements with the Teaching Council.  In addition, support is provided to teachers, required to repeat or re-sit aspects of the TER programme, at no further cost.

These changes are part of a series of initiatives to support more graduates into permanent teaching positions, help experienced teachers get back into the profession, attract New Zealand teachers back from overseas, and encourage teachers to come and teach in New Zealand.

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