Reviewing your EBTT position

Boards must continue to meet the criteria for having an employment-based trainee teaching (EBTT) position. If the conditions are not met, the trainee teacher position will be reviewed. Those conditions are that:

  • the Board continues to provide mentoring and support required by the Ministry and by agreement with the ITE provider
  • the Board works with a provider who can deliver an approved employment-based ITE programme for the trainee teacher and the trainee teacher continues to fulfil the requirements of the programme
  • the Board funds the trainee teacher from its own funds
  • the trainee teacher maintains a Limited Authority to Teach (LAT) for the duration of the programme.

Once established and an appointment made, the EBTT position is operational for as long as the trainee teacher is on the programme. The position will lapse once the trainee teacher completes the programme. Any changes to the trainee teacher, their circumstances or the position must be notified to the Ministry.

If an EBTT withdraws from their programme of study, the Board must inform the Ministry by writing to The Board can either re-advertise the position and appoint an eligible applicant, or allow the EBTT position to lapse.

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