Setting up payroll for your EBTT

Boards appointing an employment-based trainee teacher (EBTT) must fund the position from their own funds. The Ministry covers the cost of 0.2FTTE in the first year of the programme and 0.1FTTE in the second year for a mentor teacher to work with the trainee teacher. This will be paid through Teachers’ Salaries. If a school requires additional mentoring support during the second year of the programme they will need to speak directly with their employment-based programme provider.

Trainee teachers are not “regular teachers” as defined in Section 91A (1) of the Education Act and, therefore, their salaries cannot be paid out of Teachers’ Salaries.

You must pay trainee teachers in accordance with the untrained employee or teacher rate stated in the relevant Collective Agreement. The correct step will be assessed by the Salary Assessment Unit, and made according to the trainee teacher’s experience and qualifications.

You need to set up your trainee teacher in the same way as any new teacher, using the NOVO1t form available from the Novopay website. Please use the most recent version as the Novopay Service Centre will return out of date, incorrect, illegible or incomplete forms to you for re-submission.

You should also complete a NOVO7t and send it to the Salary Assessment Unit as per standard process. After assessment, the Salary Assessment Unit will liaise with the pay centre to ensure the trainee teacher is on the correct pay grade and step. If necessary, any difference will be back paid.

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