National Beginning Teacher Induction Grant (NBT) frequently asked questions

What’s changed since the 2019 round?

The following changes have been made in response to feedback from schools and other stakeholders:

  • Applications will remain open until all grants have been paid out.
  • Schools do not have to provide a mentoring plan
  • Criteria are not weighted. Schools that do not meet one or more of the eligibility criteria will not be considered. Applications from schools that do meet one or more of the eligibility criteria will be assessed in the order they are received.
  • Schools have a three month window to appoint a beginning teacher (see below).
  • A separate form must be completed (and a GST tax invoice submitted) to claim payment (see below).

Our school has an unused allocation from the 2019 round. Can we still use it?

Schools with unclaimed 2019 allocations will have until December 31st 2019 (three months from the 2020 round open date) to appoint a beginner teacher and claim payment. After this date, any remaining unclaimed allocations will be automatically relinquished and added to the pool of grants available for the 2020 round.

Our school has an unused allocation from the 2019 round. Can we apply for the 2020 round as well?

Ideally, you should claim payment for any 2019 round allocations before applying for an additional 2020 round allocation. However, if you are hoping to appoint multiple beginning teachers for the start of 2020, you may apply for additional 2020 round allocations. In this scenario, the Ministry may contact you to confirm your intent.

How many NBT grants are available in total?

A minimum of 200 grants will be available in the 2020 round.

Can we still apply for an NBT grant after the 200 grants have been allocated?

Yes. Applications from eligible schools received after the initial allocation of 200 grants will be held on a waiting list and relinquished grants will be reallocated.

When will applications for the NBT close?

Applications will remain open until all 200 grants have been paid out to schools. 

How do I know whether my school meets the NBT severe isolation criterion?

This file lists all of the schools that meet the NBT severe isolation criterion.

What are STEM subjects?

While science, technology, engineering and maths are the classic STEM subjects the following also fall within the STEM category.

  • Pūtaiao
  • Earth and space science
  • Agriculture and horticulture
  • Geography
  • Physical education
  • Health education
  • Pāngarau
  • Statistics
  • Economics
  • Hangarau
  • Digital technologies
  • Design and visual communication (graphics)
  • Home economics/food technology
  • Construction and mechanical technologies

My school doesn’t meet any of the eligibility criteria. Can we still apply?

No. Only schools that meet one or more of the eligibility can apply for the 2020 NBT round.

Can my school apply for more than one allocation?

Yes. A separate application is required for each allocation.

Can my school receive an NBT payment for a teacher we have already employed?

No. The NBT grant can only be paid for a beginning teacher appointed after you have received notification of an allocation. This is because the NBT is intended to lift employment rates of teaching graduates by enabling schools to employ beginning teachers they would not otherwise have been able to afford to support. 

Can my school receive an NBT payment for employing an overseas beginning teacher?

The beginning teacher appointed must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

What happens if my school isn’t able to appoint an eligible beginning teacher within 3 months?

If you are not able to appoint an eligible beginning teacher within 3 months of receiving notification of your allocation, your allocation will be automatically relinquished so that it can be used by another school. 

Can my school re-apply for the NBT if we have relinquished an allocation previously?


Why is a second form required to claim payment?

In the Payment Claim form schools provide the details of the beginning teacher appointed so that the Ministry can verify that the remaining criteria have been met. Schools must upload a GST tax invoice.

What should our GST tax invoice include/look like?

The IRD defines what needs to be included in a GST tax invoice here and an example of a valid GST tax invoice is provided here. (Link to PDF) Please note: the total amount due on the invoice should be $11,500 ($10,000 + $1500 GST).

What happens if the beginning teacher we appoint subsequently rejects the position?

If the beginning teacher you appoint does not ultimately come to work at your school after you have claimed the NBT payment, you should contact the Ministry to discuss the situation.


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