Teachers' salaries

Most teachers are employed on contracts which are directly linked to the salary scales in the relevant employment agreement. 

When you're first appointed to a teaching position your entry salary will be assessed by the Ministry of Education, taking into account your academic qualifications including any recognised teaching qualifications, any teaching experience and any relevant work experience. For secondary teachers, relevant work experience will be assessed provided the work was undertaken after completing a recognised and appropriate vocational qualification that is at least at Level 4 on the NZ Qualifications Framework.

There is a wide variety of early childhood education services and remuneration varies greatly. Salaries may be covered by a collective agreement or negotiated on an individual basis. The Kindergarten Association, however, has a collective contract that includes a salary scale. You can see this agreement at www.nzei.org.nz.

For more information on teachers’ pay, allowances and qualifications visit the Ministry of Education website.

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