ACET allowance

Ongoing entitlement

As an ACET recognised teacher you will receive an allowance of $5,000 per annum, effective 28 January each year, as long as you continue to meet the requirements for ongoing entitlement, including the performance requirements.

The terms relating to eligibility and ongoing entitlement to the allowance are set out in Clause 3.32 of the Primary Teachers’ Collective Agreement 2016 - 2018 (PTCA) or the equivalent provisions of an Individual Employment Agreement and Portfolio Guide for Teachers. 

Your ongoing entitlement to the allowance is subject to attestation of practice by your principal against the ACET professional criteria, which will form part of your school’s annual appraisal process. You need to set this up with your principal. In November each year we contact all ACET recipients’ school principals, to confirm that they agree you still meet the ACET requirements, in order for the payments to continue for the following year.

If you receive a TeachNZ study award or sabbatical you will still receive the ACET allowance as part of your normal base salary.

How does the salary step progression work?

Receiving an ACET allowance is treated in the same way as a permanent unit. This means that 12 months after first receiving the ACET allowance you will move to the next step on the salary scale and, subject to satisfactory performance, move step by step each January to the new maxima, Q3.

What happens if my circumstances change?

You need to advise us immediately in writing if any of your circumstances change during the time you hold ACET recognition. This includes if:

  • you are being incorrectly paid or not being paid your ACET allowance
  • you move schools
  • your contact details change
  • you are being paid more than one permanent unit
  • you are going/are currently on maternity leave
  • you leave the teaching sector
  • you wish to withdraw and relinquish your ACET recognition.

To contact the ACET team, please email or call us on 0800 165 225.

Suspension of your allowance

Your allowance may be suspended for up to 12 months if you continue to be covered by the PTCA or an equivalent Individual Employment Agreement (IEA) and:

  • your employment status changes, eg if you move to fixed term employment and are no longer a permanent employee
  • you are temporarily assigned to a role that carries more than one permanent unit
  • your hours of employment are reduced to a classroom teaching load of less than 0.8 FTTE for up to one term
  • you are undergoing competency or disciplinary processes.

Your ACET payments will stop and your salary will revert back to the step and grade maxima that you were on before you were awarded the ACET recognition, as per PTCA clauses 3.32.6 and 3.32.7.

If your allowance is suspended, it may be reinstated if the Ministry is satisfied that the reasons for the suspension no longer exist, and the suspension has been for less than 12 months. The Ministry will verify whether you meet the eligibility criteria for the payments to be reinstated and contact you in writing.

Cessation of allowance

Your allowance will cease altogether if:

  • you voluntarily relinquish the allowance for any reason
  • your allowance has been suspended for a period of 12 months
  • your hours of employment are reduced to a classroom teaching load of less than 0.8 FTTE for longer than one term
  • you are subject to disciplinary action or other adverse consequences as a result of a competency or disciplinary process
  • you receive an unsatisfactory assessment for teacher certification, or cease to hold full certification
  • you receive an unsatisfactory performance review (appraisal)
  • you are allocated more than one permanent unit in your current position
  • you cease to be employed under the PTCA or an equivalent Individual Employment Agreement.

The Ministry will write to you to tell you why they intend to suspend or cease paying your allowance. You will have an opportunity to provide any information or a statement of reasons why your allowance should not be suspended or stopped.

You must notify the Ministry in writing about anything that might affect your entitlement to the allowance, or which could result in a suspension or termination of the allowance for any of the reasons set out above. You may have to repay any overpayment of the allowance.

If you do not receive your ACET allowance in a particular pay period or your payments have stopped and you don’t know why, please contact us so we can investigate for you. It could be that your teaching circumstances have changed and are affecting your ACET recognition payments.

You can contact the ACET team on 0800 165 225 or by emailing

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