Stage two: Portfolio phase

Before starting your portfolio please read and familiarise yourself with the following pages:

The key dates for submitting your portfolio are: 

You have 23 weeks to compile and submit your portfolio presenting key aspects of your classroom and professional practice. Your portfolio will be assessed by a panel of independent experts.

You need to complete the Portfolio form and submit it with your supporting evidence by 2 September 2022. If you require a new form please contact the TeachNZ team at and we will email you a new copy.

We will notify you about outcome of your application on 14 October 2022. If you are successful your ACET recognition allowance will start being paid from 28 January 2023.

Important feedback from the portfolio evaluation process

‘The most common reason for portfolios not being confirmed was that they did not provide sufficient evidence to demonstrate that all ACET professional criteria had been met.

Also, many teachers could demonstrate positive impacts on student achievement, but some evidence reflected accepted teaching practice and not exemplary practice.’

Dr Mary Simpson, ACET Evaluation Panel Chair

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