Portfolio Process

Purpose of the Advanced Classroom Expertise Teacher portfolio

Your portfolio is the means by which you will have your classroom teaching practice evaluated in a professionally rigorous manner by a panel of independent experts. As all portfolios are considered by the same panel of independent experts, a high level of consistency is achieved.

Portfolio process

Your portfolio should be a relatively succinct document, however, the work involved in compiling and collating the evidence will be significant. For this reason, a period of 19 weeks is allocated for preparation and submission of the portfolio.

Before submission, your principal will need to certify that the content of your portfolio accurately reflects your professional and classroom practice. Your principal will also need to recommend that you be recognised as an ACET. 

Your portfolio must be submitted to TeachNZ by email, post or courier and be postmarked on or before the closing date.

A panel of independent experts will consider your portfolio and make a decision based on the portfolio and your principal's recommendation.

Teachers will be notified by TeachNZ as to the outcome of the portfolio assessment.

TeachNZ will contact your principal to confirm your FTTE and that you have achieved a successful attestation against the Experienced Teacher Professional Standards (Schedule 3 of the PTCA or the applicable Individual Employment Agreement).

Initial allowance payment

If eligibility is confirmed by your principal, you will receive the ACET allowance effective 28 January the following year.

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