Submitting your portfolio for ACET

Your portfolio must be submitted to TeachNZ by post or courier and be postmarked on or before the closing date.

A portfolio comprises both the Portfolio Form and a supporting body of evidence.

Please send your portfolio via google drive or by email to, no later than 2 September 2022.

Make sure your portfolio is:

  • certified by your principal as an accurate representation of your classroom and professional practice 
  • contains a recommendation from your principal 
  • signed by you as the teacher seeking ACET recognition.

Requirements for submitting evidence:

  • Evidence must be current (within the last three years) and should include planning through to outcomes.
  • Evidence should follow the inquiry cycle central to the New Zealand Curriculum or Te Marautanga o Aotearoa.
  • Use data explicitly showing positive outcomes (social, cultural and academic) for all learners, with specific information about meeting the needs of priority learners.
  • Data showing learner outcomes should show progress over time.
  • You can only submit any piece of evidence once, so consider which section it fits in best.
  • Ensure that references are dated and signed and other correspondence is presented in original form.
  • Provide explanations for, and links to, criteria for photos, videos and other pictorial data.
  • Reference readings or articles that indicate the impacts they had on your practice, but don’t include copies of the readings or articles.

If you are resubmitting a portfolio, please ensure that all sections are included, even those that have previously met the criteria, and that evidence is no more than three years old.

Keep your portfolio clear and succinct. The evaluation panel should be able to read it within 60 minutes.

Use the completing your portfolio section of the website and the ACET Professional Framework diagram to help you complete each section of your portfolio.

Sending your portfolio

We ask that portfolios be submitted via google drive or by email to, no later than 2 September 2022.

The ACET recognition team will email you when they have received your portfolio.

If you have any questions or need to contact the ACET recognition team at TeachNZ, phone 0800 165 225, or email

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