Professional conversations between principals and teachers

The possibility of a teacher applying for Advanced Classroom Expertise Teacher (ACET) should be part of professional conversations between the teacher and principal and/or included in appraisal discussions.

As the teacher works towards applying for ACET recognition the teacher and principal should discuss:

  • ways in which the teacher’s classroom practice meets the ACET professional criteria
  • what evidence might be collected to demonstrate that the teacher’s practice meets all of the ACET professional criteria
  • whether the teacher is prepared to commit the time to compiling that evidence into a succinct portfolio
  • how the teacher will keep the principal informed as the portfolio of evidence is compiled (should the teacher be invited to do so after submitting their expression of interest)
  • the eligibility criteria
  • whether the teacher is professionally ready to apply to undertake the recognition process, considering their last three attestations/appraisal against the Experienced Teacher Criteria
  • the endorsement of the teacher’s application.

Teachers who have previously applied and been unsuccessful in obtaining ACET are encouraged to reapply.

Principal endorsement of applications

The principal of any teacher seeking ACET recognition will need to endorse their ‘expression of interest’. The endorsement requires the principal’s agreement that the teacher meets the eligibility criteria.


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