QEll Technicians' study awards

Applications for 2022 are now closed.

Applications for 2023 are now open, closing 1 October 2022.   

The COVID-19 pandemic has required adjustment to the timetable for these awards for at least one more year. We will be keeping this area of the website updated as we assess the situation.

What is a technician?

For the purposes of these Awards, technicians are defined broadly as trained persons who are qualified and recognised as technicians/technologists in their discipline and who have worked in their field for at least three years. Technicians may include trades people.

Fields of work in which technicians are employed include health sciences, nursing, science (including chemistry, physics, biology and the various branches of agricultural sciences), engineering (including civil, chemical, metallurgical, electrical and electronic). Technicians are also found in building, draughting, surveying, town planning, and fishing. Awards have also been made in the fields of child health, special education, police work, and the arts (including print making and photography).

Note that the definition of 'technician' is very broad. Prospective applicants should not be deterred from applying because their work is not specifically covered above.

Types of training supported

You can find a list of the recent awards that have supported technicians and the studies they are undertaking in the Application Form attached as a PDF on this page.

Amount of individual awards

The amount awarded may vary depending on the duration of the course of study or training programme and its location as well as other factors.


The Award may only be granted for full time study in a Commonwealth country including New Zealand. Awards are not normally made to persons who are currently students. It is expected that applicants will have had a significant period of relevant work experience since completing their existing qualifications.


In general preference will be given to applicants:

  • wishing to study outside New Zealand because comparable courses are not available here; and
  • who are New Zealand citizens or permanent residents; and
  • who currently hold an appropriate initial qualification in their area of work; and
  • whose knowledge and training will be available to the individuals' profession and so enable New Zealand society to benefit, rather than a particular organisation or individual.

What part does the Committee play?

Applications for training assistance in a Commonwealth country are considered and awards made by the Selection Committee (the Committee) comprising representatives of the Association of Polytechnics in New Zealand, the New Zealand Vice Chancellors' Committee, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and the Ministry for Primary Industries. In considering the actual level of award, the Committee is permitted under the Act to contribute to the cost of tuition fees, books, materials, and student union fees for courses of enrolled tertiary study. The Committee can also contribute to a living allowance for the duration of the course. A major expense for overseas study is travel and the Act permits the Committee to contribute to this.

Partnership approach

The Committee considers that it is in partnership with the applicant and his/her employer in facilitating a course of study or training opportunity that might not otherwise be available to the applicant.

As the knowledge and training becomes part of an applicant's personal skills set, the Committee expects applicants will contribute towards the cost of their study.

Employers also benefit from the knowledge and training and the Committee expects that they will support the award in some way. Most employers recognise the need to support the continuing career development of their staff. While policies on supporting staff on full pay while on study leave vary from organisation to organisation, the Committee usually looks for this type of support from employers whether on full, or a reduced level of pay.

The Committee is happy for applicants to submit proposals without first gaining a guarantee of financial support from their employer. The Committee has found that a conditional offer of finance from the QEII Technicians' Study Awards often assists with gaining the financial support from an employer. Members of the Committee are available to speak to employers where required, and to emphasise the value the Committee sees in supporting a particular application.


Study award recipients will be required to submit a short report (maximum of two typed pages) on the completion of their Award, outlining the training and the benefits they have received.

Any correspondence and requests for information should be addressed to:


The Administrator
QEII Technicians' Study Awards
773 Moonshine Road
RD1, PORIRUA, 5381
Phone: (04) 528 0808



Please note that enquiries by email are welcome.

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