Area school teachers' study award

The Area School Teachers' Study Award provides paid leave to complete part-time or full-time study in an agreed educational priority area. You can apply for leave to:

  • complete a qualification
  • improve an existing qualification
  • study to obtain qualifications in a new or different curriculum or subject area
  • undertake research or other study of relevance and value to education
  • obtain practical knowledge and skill-related experience in your subject area.

Each year there are seven full-time teacher equivalent (FTTE) study leave opportunities, with two study awards reserved for pursuing studies in te reo Māori or Māori immersion learning. 

Applications for the 2020 Area School Teachers' Study Award are now open!

Apply now by downloading the pdf application form or using the online application form on the right hand of this page. 

If using the pdf application form, please save the form to your computer before entering any information.  You will find a series of frequently asked questions at the back of the form.

If you are using the online application form, you can access the frequently asked questions by clicking here.

Am I eligible for an Area School Teachers' Study Award?

If you wish to apply for an Area School Teachers' Study Leave Award, you must be:

  • employed under the Area School Teachers' Collective Agreement (ASTCA) or applicable Individual Employment Agreement (IEA)
  • permanently appointed
  • a full-time or part-time teacher in a New Zealand state or state-integrated area school.

You cannot undertake a study award at the same time as being appointed to a Community Teacher (across community) role.

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