Apply for a bilingual education study award

Applications for the 2019 round closed on Monday 3 September 2018. Late applications will not be considered. We have emailed eligible applicants confirming that we have received your application.

Any additional information supporting your application must be received by 10 September 2018.

You will be notified of the outcome by Friday 12 October 2018.

You can apply for a Bilingual Education study award by completing an online or physical form when they next open in 2019 for 2020. Please refer to this website for help completing the form. If you have any other questions, please contact us by calling 0800 165 225 or emailing

You can apply to study any qualification you choose, at any tertiary institution, including overseas or by distance learning. Provide as much information about the qualification as you can. Ask your tertiary provider or check the NZQA website for the level of your qualification.

You don’t need to be enrolled to apply for a study award, but you should check the key enrolment dates with your provider.

Completing the application form

It’s important to make sure you include all the information asked for on the application form. Use the provided format so the selection panel can assess applications consistently.

Your study plan is a key part of your application and you need to demonstrate to the panel how your application fits the assessment criteria.

It is important to outline any professional isolation you have experienced and how your study will help address this. Examples of professional isolation include:

  • Being the sole teacher of a subject area
  • Being the sole mentor of beginning teachers in your school
  • Being a teacher in a small, isolated school
  • Being unable to access professional development opportunities because of distance and/or cost
  • The socio-economic status of the school or community, ar specific requirements of the school.

Applications need to provide evidence from your employer that they support your application. Employers or their acceptable deputies can either sign the appropriate support panel on the form, or send a signed letter of support, a direct email or a copy of the relevant board minutes confirming support for your application.

What do I have to do if I receive an award?

If you receive a study award, you are expected to:

  • provide confirmation of enrolment and completion of study if requested
  • complete your nominated qualification during the term of the study award
  • be at school before and after your study leave if you are studying part-time or awarded less than a full year’s leave
  • return to your previous role, or a similar one after your study is complete
  • notify the Ministry by calling 0800 165 225 or emailing if there are any changes to your contact details, employment status, study plan, or if you take up a new position
  • provide a fees invoice and bank account details when applying for the fees contribution.

Your study award will be paid directly into your bank account in March or April.

If you receive a study award and are subsequently appointed to another school, you may transfer the award as long as you continue to meet all the eligibility criteria and you have the support of your new employer. If you choose not to take up the study award, please advise us as soon as possible.

If you are offered a position at another school that starts while you are on study leave, you will need to discuss this with your new employer. If they support you completing the study award, you will need to provide evidence of this support so that your new school can receive relief teacher funding.

You cannot postpone your study award to another year, however, if you decline an award, you can reapply with no prejudice in another year.

If you are unable to complete your study, please contact us on 0800 165 225 to discuss your options.

If you choose to withdraw from your study award, please let us know by emailing

If your teaching position is disestablished while you are on study leave, you will need to talk to your employer about your options. If there is no position to fund relief costs for, this will affect your eligibility for the study award, however, your study award proposal may meet the criteria for the retraining option through the surplus staffing provisions.


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