2009 Sabbatical Reports - Primary Teachers

The following is a list of Primary Teacher Sabbatical recipients and reports for 2009. The list is sorted by surname, and you can click on the index below to assist you. Scroll down the list to view available reports - if a report is available, the listing will be in bold. 

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Judith Ashley 

St Paul's School (Richmond)
How can St Paul's School achieve the Ministry of Education expectation that students will be reading at "Green" after one year of instruction?

Maureen Ball

Mangatangi School
To gain a clear understanding of how boys succeed in the junior school.

Kathleen Bruce

Kelston Deaf Education Centre
To investigate national and international cooperation and exchange opportunities, developing skills and qualifications of teachers, and developing standards of "best practice".

You can view Kathleen's completed report by clicking here.

Mary Cameron

Leeston School
To spend time in Spanish speaking South American school system. To spend time in the teacher training institutions and with specialist services catering for English language Teaching and Learning.

Janet Coffey

Sunnyvale School
How should schools meaningfully respond to students who start school lacking in foundation skills?

Desmond Collins

Invercargill Middle School
Research the comparisons in student support between RTLB in NZ to the comparable Behaviour and Tuition services in the UK.

Deborah Cooke

Maungawhau School
Investigate how Professional Learning Communities are established and managed? The pros and cons. The criteria needed for effective PLC, the difference PLC are making to student achievement.

Marilyn Edlin

Wairakei School (Christchurch)
How can teachers and leaders plan and implement the Key Competencies into school programmes to enhance student achievement?

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Jill Gilberd 

Mt Roskill Primary School
Identify and select a key recommendation posed in the Autism Spectrum Disorder Guidelines and undertake an assessment, tracking resources necessary and available to implement it.

You can view Jill's completed report by clicking here.

Judith Gleeson

Pahiatua School
A study in the area of teaching and learning mathematics.

Stephen Gordon

Sunnybrae Normal School
How can our staff sustain the momentum of continuing to build teacher capacity and understanding of eLearning and effective pedagogy after the ICT contract ended?

Catherine Helm

Henley School (Nelson)
Opportunity to extend my knowledge, trial teaching techniques, trial resources in the school and to develop a practical resource for our Yr 3-6 Teachers.

Jeremy Hogue

St Gerard's School (Alexandra)
Interactive Drawing Therapy and its application to teaching.

Eileen Horsman

Northern Health School
To research and analyse the needs of the hospitalized secondary school student (with an emphasis on educational needs).

Marilyn Hunter

Mossburn School
What models of best practice can I bring to my North Western Southland RTLB Cluster?

Jennifer Kitchin

Weston School
To extend her technical knowledge of visual art : attending PG courses, visiting schools and teachers with strong teaching practice in Visual Arts, visiting NZ artists at work, visiting art galleries and centres in Italy.

Karen Kumar

Beach Haven School
How can we maximise effective electronic information management to streamline teaching, learning and student outcomes for Beach Haven School?

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Andrea McKendry 

Sumner School
To investigate other teaching systems and theories (Literacy).

Craig Nelson

Raroa Normal Intermediate
Development of a Thinking Curriculum : Application of the International Baccalaureate Organisation Middle Years Programmes to NZ Schools.

Kelly O'Leary

Broadgreen Intermediate
Focus on Whanaungatanga - Actively engaging and consulting with whanau.

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Kevin Pope 

Pukekohe Intermediate
To present a paper at the European Association for Research in Learning and Instruction conference to be held in Amsterdam towards the end of August.

Anne Porter

Ashburton Borough School
What does a good inquiry model of teaching look like when implemented in the classroom?

Jonathan Ramsay

Oranga School
Will using the research around effective strategies for teaching students with learning difficulties by Steve Graham and Karen Hayes be effective in increasing the levels of writing achievement of Pasifika students at Oranga Primary?

You can view Jonathan's completed report by clicking here.

Barbara Renfrew

Witherlea School
How can 'Formative Assessment' create an active learning culture and a 'growth mindset' for both pupils and teachers?

Julia Roberts

Brightwater School
What other teaching systems will greatly enhance the life-long learning for new entrants?

Jaroslava Patricia Roche

Sts Peter and Paul School (L.Hutt)
To examine best practice across a selection of schools as to how they support and enhance the learning of ESOL students, particularly students who are classified as refugees or migrants.

Lesley Smith

Wharenui School
How do learners acquire literacy?

You can view Lesley's completed report by clicking here.

Lisa Smith

Rototuna Primary School
Define what "Thinking" as a key competency is.

You can view Lisa's completed report by clicking here.

Briar Stewart

Arataki School
As early years children transition to school : What roles, responsibilities and involvement do the educationalists play in successful transition of young children? How is community interaction and involvement captured and enhanced?

Alison Stewart

Silverstream (South) Primary School
To investigate the best ways we can support New Entrant Children transitioning to school with delayed language development.

You can view Alison's completed report by clicking here.

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Elizabeth Taute 

Red Beach School
What effective teaching methods are used across the country and in other countries for children with high and very high special needs (ORRS), specifically Down Syndrome and autism?

Jennifer Thrasyvoulou

St John's Hill School
To go to France and study French. To Establish a link between her school and the French one. To investigate another teaching system (Swedish). 

Maria Verkleij

Banks Avenue School
To observe and work with recognised conductors of choirs and singing teachers and their students. Literature on choral conducting.

Maria Veronese

Mangere Central School
Professional refreshment with a research focus that will include an investigation into the learning needs of Maori students within low-decile urban schools.

Gail Wallis

Papatoetoe West School
How can physical activity and good nutrition help children learn more effectively at school and build a better tomorrow for them today.

You can view Gail's completed report by clicking here.

Kaye Webber

Palmerston North Intermediate
To study the concept of citizenship transmission/education, how does citizenship transmission/education occur in other teaching systems and countries.

You can view Kaye's completed report by clicking here.

Julie Widger

Whangarei School
How effective are our special literacy programmes in raising the overall reading ages of children, who are at risk or do require remedial help, at Whangarei Primary School?

Christine Wilmshurst

Taupaki School
To enhance professional learning as a teacher to enable students to embrace the range of new technologies and NZ's technical future will be designed by my students.

Suzanne Wright

Te Pahu School
What technologies are being used in semi-rural schools with the maximum effect? What pedagogical practices are being used and education theories are being followed? How do these technologies, pedagogy impact on children's thinking and learning?

You can view Suzanne's completed report by clicking here.

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