2009 Sabbatical Reports - Secondary Teachers

The following is a list of Secondary Teacher Sabbatical recipients and reports for 2009. The list is sorted by surname, and you can click on the index below to assist you. Scroll down the list to view available reports - if a report is available, the listing will be in bold. 

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Louis Barrowman 

Takapuna Grammar School
Travel to Spain and Germany to study languages.

Leigh Brusse

Bayfield High School
A literature review - findings and structure of the "gap year' in Britain, Europe and increasingly in Australia. Investigate findings from recent school leavers who have taken or considered the gap year.

Jocelyn Charlton-Kelly

Wellington Girls' College
To attend a one month immersion French course in Toulouse.

Steve Connell

Gisborne Boys' High School
To present a Level 2 NCEA English study resource in a form that is interesting and challenging.

Christine Dickson

Te Awamutu College
Investigate and develop a Junior Career Awareness Programme at Yr 8.

Lawrence Dixon

Otumoetai College
To Undertake personal research of subject content knowledge in Classical Studies and Social Studies.

Pamela Dowling

Mahurangi College
To investigate how other countries use games and activities, other than textbooks based resources, to enhance learning in maths.

You can view Pamela's completed report by clicking here.

Bernard Downey

Nelson College
To reflect on academic content relevant to the pedagogy of business studies with an emphasis on ethics. The intention is to produce resources to meet the needs of Māori, Pasifika, and those students who have English as a second language.

Mark Elliott

Tauranga Girls' College
To learn to effectively design, develop and use IT in teaching programmes. In particularly, PowerPoint presentations and Moodle.

Richard Henry Feutz

Otumoetai College
To carry out professional learning around the issue of transition of students from primary/intermediate to secondary school.

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Bruce Gillard 

Tauranga Boys' College
Research in the form of literature review on the teaching of Evolutionary Biology in NZ.

Susan Grimm

Rotorua Girls' High School
To produce a practical guide to vocabulary learning and a document for all language teachers and ESOL teachers et RGHS.

Ash Hamilton

Westland High School
To investigate what will the hoped for findings, or not, at CERN have for teaching of science from 2008 onwards, and how can he put it in a format that would be useful for teachers and students? Time to refresh. To travel to Italy, Turkey and Greece visiting scientific and historical sites.

Ann Herbert

Napier Girls' High School
To develop a Y12 NCEA Level 2 course in Horticulture related to vocations in Hawkes Bay, and suited to those children who have some learning difficulties.

Diane Hooper

Buller High School
To focus on the topic of successful practices for managing challenging student behaviour in secondary schools in New Zealand.

Theresa Hyde-Hills

Marcellin College
An investigation in Educational Psychology and Student behaviour. Impact of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in the guidance counsellors job, how effective is it?

Michele Hyland

Takapuna Grammar School
Write a guideline based around Sustainability using the NZ National Nutritional Guidelines. Visit family in London and investigate how the UK market has responded to environmental sustainability issues. Visit Wellbeing centre in Australia. Document how positive psychology could be included into the health and wellbeing component of the home economics curriculum.

You can view Michele's completed report by clicking here.

Linley King

Hastings Girls' High School
To investigate the philosophies behind the use of Traditional and Complementary Medicines.

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Stuart McDougall 

Nelson College
To explore the teaching systems of professional kayak instructors in the Abel Tasman NP, to gain personal research in the teaching of kayaking as educational theory and to produce 'Safety in Sea Kayaks' instruction DVD for secondary schools.

Annette Melchior

Waiheke High School
To produce an Art History Teaching Resource. To research the buildings and landscapes where the famous artists Giotto and Duccio were born and worked. 

Kathryn Miller

Te Awamutu College
To investigate other teaching systems to enhance the learning of diverse students.

Wayne Moore

Auckland Grammar
To visit schools and educational institutes to look at their programmes operating at NCEA Level 3 Biology & Personal research of subject content knowledge.

You can view Wayne's completed report by clicking here.

Wayne Mullins

Westlake Boys' High School
Observe and be involved with a school improvement reform project in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Observe and work with developing outdoor education. Work with students who will have very different needs from NZ.

Kerry Murphy

Mt Maunganui College
To research information that will lead to the establishment of a "Boys Only" class at Mount Maunganui College 2010.

You can view Kerry's completed report by clicking here.

Stuart John Newby

Massey High School
How to get disengaged pupils back in mainstream education.

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Deborah Patterson 

James Hargest College
How have agriculture and horticulture changed in Otago/Southland in recent years?

Brian Pereira

Havelock North High School
To visit several key schools to examine different school systems with a view to improving the ACE programme at Havelock North High School.

You can view Brian's completed report by clicking here.

Noel Allan Playle

Glendowie College
Investigation of other teaching systems looking at some schools in both UK and Germany.

Susan Robertson

Marcellin College
To visit schools and tertiary institutions in Europe and Scandinavia to look at the projects and activities that are happening, to promote the teaching and learning of sustainability in secondary schools.

Glynn Sergeant

Mt Roskill Grammar
To explore the impediments to the use of computer technology in the classroom as a tool to implement the secondary curriculum. 

You can view Glynn's completed report by clicking here.

Ian Martin Sims

Palmerston North Boys' High School
As a history teacher, to tour Europe to better understand the topics he teaches and collect resources on them. Visit some chess schools in England.

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George Ter Wal 

Tauranga Boys' College
To work towards a time when Philosophy is (finally) introduced in the NZ curriculum.

Keith Thomson

Christchurch Boys' High School
To research the implications of implementing the government policy of Schools Plus in my school, to compare current NZ Careers and Guidance programmes with other similar jurisdictions.

Max Thomson

Auckland Grammar
Investigation of other teaching systems to create variety and enhance the facilitation process. Personal research of subject content knowledge and learning new computer programs.

You can view Max's completed report by clicking here.

John Peter Trass

Tauranga Girls' College
To develop a MOODLE site for Y12, Y13 and Scholarship Physics students.

Lynda Whiting

Mt Maunganui College
To design a life skills programme for senior students that will endeavour to lift student motivation and prepare students more for the outside world.

You can view Lynda's completed report by clicking here.

Susanne Mary Windsor

Roncalli College
To investigate effective strategies which enable ESOL students to learn successfully in the mainstream classroom.

Albert Martin Windsor

Timaru Boys' High School
To examine the comparative impact of school sports programmes on student learning and achievement and on personal development.

Steven Wood

Ashburton College
To evaluate the many new CAD and Desktop Publishing software available. To purchase the new software. To develop teaching programmes from Years 9-13.

Linda Youl

Hornby High School
To conduct a literature review into differentiated programme practices and prepare a resource handbook of strategies to implement differentiated practices.

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