2010 Sabbatical Reports - Primary Teachers

The following is a list of Primary Teacher Sabbatical recipients and reports for 2010. The list is sorted by surname, and you can click on the index below to assist you. Scroll down the list to view available reports - if a report is available, the listing will be in bold. 

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Philippa Abernethy Priestley 

St John Bosco School (New Plymouth)
To investigate which methods for group selection are being used in classrooms in 2010 and pedagogical knowledge teachers have of the implications for students of these practices.

Rhonda Aitken

Banks Avenue School
To investigate the key competency 'Thinking' as it relates to the Inquiry process of learning, for the transitioning NE child.

Charles Bisley

Kelburn Normal School
An action research project investigating how students' literacy, creativity and reflectiveness develop in an authentic learning context over time; the development of a performance project out of students' devised work and learning stories.

Anne Blackmore-Smith

Sumner School
To investigate the development of a school based early assessment strategy to ascertain if children have dyslexia; investigate how an assessment strategy will improve the teaching and learning of Sumner School Students and whether it is feasible to assess a student for dyslexia when starting school at five years old.

Patricia Blacktop

Brooklyn School (Wellington)
To investigate the following areas: How other school libraries manage their learning centres; How libraries can support the Inquiry Process; How best to integrate the Inquiry process into everyday programmes; How to assess the skills needed to engage in a successful Inquiry; How do other schools incorporate Inquiry learning into their library programmes.

Suzanne Blair

Mahora School
To investigate ways to motivate reluctant reader/writers using computer software applications and programmes.

Elizabeth Jill Bowker

Nelson Park School
Visit various primary schools and Early Childhood Centres through out NZ to gather data on transition to school approaches; Investigate and document the links made in these institutions between the Early Childhood Curriculum, "Te Whariki" and the NZ Curriculum level 1, in particular through the "Key Competencies."

Leeanne Rose Boyd

Tamahere Model Country School
To explore the key roles of the Deputy or Assistant Principal in a variety of schools across Hamilton City.

Wendy Boyle

Mt Eden Normal School
To investigate the question: "How to enrich and extend the quality of children's written language?"

Gayleen Buchanan

Cobham Intermediate
To investigate modern developments and use of Information Technology in libraries, particularly school libraries in NZ and overseas.

Lynne Burgess

Riverdale School (P North)
To investigate the latest developments in statistics education research and their implications for effective practice in NZ classrooms.

You can view Lynne's completed report by clicking here.

Alison Butler

Hutt Central School
To investigate the impact of Self-Assessment on improving children's learning.

Jennifer Caddick

Maungatapere School
To extend my practical skills and knowledge in music; To use the skills and knowledge gained during sabbatical in the classroom and the wider school where I teach to expand the students own skills and knowledge in music and to foster their enjoyment of music; To create an exciting and stimulating music programme for Year 6-8 students.

Llyween Couper

Mairehau High School
To develop a template for a Playground Audit with guiding notes that can be accessed by interested schools either through a website or by a publication.

You can view Llyween's completed report by clicking here.

Lynette Crone

Te Puke Intermediate
To investigate the transition of students from Primary to Intermediate to Secondary schools.

Gillian Eaton

Elmgrove School
To investigate the use of effective feedback in year 5-8 classes and its relation to quality teaching and learning.

Shona Eccles

Central Normal School
To investigate and explore current effective pedagogy in the use of E-Learning and ICT that enhances pupil learning.

Janet Ellingham

Dannevirke South School
Compare programmes of Early Childhood Centres and Primary Schools and formulate a programme that will meet the unique needs of the pupils transitioning into Dannevirke South School, but which may also be utilised by other Early Childhood and New Entrant teachers, to revitalise, invigorate and enhance their current transition programmes.

Helen Furness

Albany School

To develop understanding of the Pedagogical basis for student led conferences and to investigate and identify the value of student led conferences both in theory and in schools for the practical implementation of this form of reporting to parents.


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Janet Margaret Hardley 

Thorrington School
To investigate how schools integrate the KC's into their practice.

Marguerite Hegan

Wairau Intermediate
To investigate: how to cater effectively for our gifted and talented adolescents in a variable space setting of combined year 7 and 8 students.

Robyn Hoskin

Raumati Beach School
To investigate how targeted professional development in reading and writing has improved Teacher effectiveness within the classroom environment and has therefore improved learning outcomes for students at Raumati Beach School.

Lynne Hutchinson

Otumoetai Intermediate
Professional refreshment; Study and research; Writing up an initiative that has been ongoing in 2008 and 2009; visiting other schools and institutions.

Karen Hyett

Peterhead School
To research Early Childhood (narrative) assessment methodologies, explore the relevance of their application in the school setting and align these practices with the NZC (Primary Sector), with a particular focus on the impact of assessment on year 1 students' learning outcomes.

Frederika Jarvis

Kaikohe East School
Investigating how to enhance student learning and enhance their literacy and numeracy skills through Visual Art and musical experiences.

Angela Jenkins

Leamington School
Researching, investigating and implementation aimed at establishing a Foundation Skills classroom within my current school. To understand the link between motor skills, auditory, oral, and visual development and their impact on brain development.

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Glenys Lang 

Kendal School
To increase my knowledge of best practice in the teaching of reading, especially in the skills involved in teaching reading comprehension.

Audrey Janette Larsen

West End School (P North)
To extend my understanding, skills and knowledge in the the area of Gifted an Talented learners. Undertake research, Question and reflect, and conclude using ideas and practices.

Darylle Lawler

Makauri School
To gain a deeper knowledge of Dyscalculia and thus develop a classroom resource to support Dyscalculia.

Elizabeth Macdonald

Witherlea School
How can the development of a structured and systematic Phonemic Awareness programme throughout the school improve the decoding skills of our students and ensure their success in learning to comprehend more effectively?

Reawyn Maher

Woolston School
To investigate the 'Home School Knowledge Exchange Project' (investigations linking home and school to improve children's literacy) undertaken by Anthony Feiler and his team at Bristol Univ, and to observe first hand how the scheme is working 2-3 years after its introduction.

Leeone Matthews

Macandrew Bay School
To investigate and improve the transition from Preschool to school.

Angela McFarland

Alexandra School
To investigate: How we can better engage student voice in our schools to develop effective self managing learners.

Deborah Anne McLarin

Glen Eden School
Strategies for teaching children who have dyslexia, hand eye co-ordination difficulties and slow development of literacy skills.

Vanessa McMillan

Sacred Heart School (Timaru)
To investigate the implementation and impact of Restorative Practices in primary schools.

Sally Morch

Greytown School
Undertake in-depth research into the use of the Montessori teaching method for our school's Inquiry Learning Approach. Investigate the relationship between pedagogy and student learning and how this method of teaching could assist teachers to understand and teach to the diverse learning needs of our students.

Susan Moriarty

St Paul's School (Richmond)
To investigate: How can we better use our school library to support our student achievement in literacy.

You can view Susan's completed report by clicking here

Lisa O'Donnell

Bradford School
To investigate the implications and implementations of the Key Competencies in a New Entrant / Year 1 classroom. To complete a period of study and refreshment within my chosen career.

You can view Lisa's completed report by clicking here

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Susan Potts 

Pukekohe Intermediate
Investigate if student-led conferences offer an effective way of communicating with parents and caregivers on student learning achievements.

Rachel Rae

Hampden Street School
investigate how best practice pedagogy through using an Inquiry Learning process or overseas equivalent improves student outcomes, including effective learning, authentic contexts and engagement.

Phillip Salmon

Waihi Central School
How teachers can effectively use data projectors and interactive whiteboards to enhance student learning, and what resources are available and being used by teachers to achieve this.

You can view Phillip's completed report by clicking here.

Linda Mary Schofield

Pembroke School (Oamaru)
To investigate what teachers' do to influence students' meta-cognitive knowledge.

Jennifer Smith

Winton School
What is transience, what system can RTLB develop to best support ransient students assimilate into their new school on Gypsy Day in my Central Southland Cluster?

Robin Soar

Whangarei School
Investigate and research the SPARC initiated Active Schools programme and how it affects children's learning, attitude to school and lifestyle attitude towards exercise and physical activity in the future.

Margaret Stewart

Marton School
To undertake a tour of Hong Kong, Beijing, England and Wales to investigate how schools educate students with dyslexia.

Janet Sutherland

Nga Iwi School
To investigate how senior managers (Deputy Principals and Assistant Principals) provide leadership that supports the learning needs of Pasifika students as identified in the MOE Pasifika Plan.

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Ian Turbitt  

Henry Hill School
Changing our Individual Student File and Cumulative Record Summary to align it with the New Zealand Curriculum.

Christine Wilson

Kaipara Flats School
To investigate what the 'ingredients' of a classroom literacy programme are, that will enhance literacy acquisition and development, with particular reference to the learning styles of boys from Years 4-6.

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