2010 Sabbatical Reports - Secondary Teachers

The following is a list of Secondary Teacher Sabbatical recipients and reports for 2010. The list is sorted by surname, and you can click on the index below to assist you. Scroll down the list to view available reports - if a report is available, the listing will be in bold. 

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Murray Armstrong

Tauranga Girls' College
To learn to effectively design, develop and utilise ICT in revised history teaching programmes.

Terence Ball

Massey High School
The gender factor in secondary school education - to enhance teacher awareness of the genre factor in secondary school education.

Alexander Bing

Auckland Grammar
Visiting schools in South Auckland to study the education of Pacific Island and Maori senior students. To investigate whether these senior students stay on at school for the sport, and what subjects they are studying if this is the case.

Brenda Brook

Taieri College
To upgrade her computer skills to develop computer based resources that fit in with the new curriculum objectives in technology textiles.

Rodney Brookes

Matamata College
To locate resources available online to suit areas of study required for senior workshop technology classes with an emphasis on practical skills.

Donald Brown

Auckland Grammar
Investigate, observe and record techniques and teaching methods of Big Band and Music Directors.

Chris Burns

Havelock North High School
To develop science resources for "ex home room"," learning" support students who stay at school to become year 12 and year 13 students.

Lindy Cavanagh-Monaghan

St Peter's College (Gore)
To visit a number of high performing schools and make case studies of the details of their leadership structures and the way in which the tasks and responsibilities which are common to all schools are distributed to make the best use of the particular skill sets of the individuals involved, and how these designated role assignments were arrived at.

Karen Chapman

Havelock North High School
To investigate teaching and learning practice in mathematics programmes in other schools.

Lindsay Cook

Ellesmere College
To study the influence that school culture has on producing a positive learning environment for students.

Joanna Crowhurst

Palmerston North Girls' High School
To gain a deeper understanding of the 'Independent Learner' and to identify best practice strategies which foster the development of independent learners in the secondary school setting.

Malcolm Davidson

Gisborne Boys' High School
Review of the development and integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into the curriculum at Gisborne Boys' High School.

Jennifer Davies

Kaikoura High School
To follow and research the guidelines for Professional Accreditation.

Ivan Davis

Western Springs College
To investigate how we structure meaningful conversations between teachers and students; how teachers report back on the collected evidence gathered from assessment events; how we can include the learner in the summative process and how can this assessment process strengthen key competencies.

Denis Duffy

Palmerston North Boys' High School
Furthering and deepening my knowledge of all aspects of Classical Studies.

Brian Ebbett

Tauranga Boys' College
To further examine the role of the Secondary School Counsellor in both providing appropriate therapeutic intervention and support for adolescent boys who have been indentified/diagnosed with high-functioning ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and in particular Asperger Syndrome.

Jane Evans

Takapuna Grammar School
Development of a new unit for Level 1 Geography designed to comply with the new curriculum, for use both by her own school and the wider Geography community through her role in the AGTA.

Robyn Fargher

Hastings Girls' High School
Visit a range of schools to investigate how they teach computer studies. Develop resources that could be used with the range of computing unit standards that I teach to provide extension exercises for students.

Mairi Flora Fitzsimons

Havelock North High School
To investigate how key competencies are being incorporated into the curriculum in secondary schools.

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Gary Johnston 

Shirley Boys' High School
To develop a primer unit enabling teachers and students to engage with the concept of spirituality within the context of the New Zealand Curriculum.

Kareen Kennedy

Hutt Valley High School
To investigate the theory behind the setting up of sustainable professional learning groups and to reflect on the experiences of other large secondary schools in this process.

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Michele Larnder 

Westlake Girls' High School
To visit decile 8+secondary schools in the Auckland region and to talk to coordinators of Gifted & Talented (GATE) programmes in these schools.

Michael David Lett

Mt Roskill Grammar
An investigation into the links between schools and their community and how these links help the school meet the needs of a diverse range of students.

Carol Lockwood

Taupo-nui-a-Tia College
An investigation into the relationship between pedagogical style and student learning; Personal research on effective teaching styles and delivery; Seeking out current research reflecting on it and share the implications with our teaching staff.

Jeffrey Lynex

Karamu High School
An investigation into teacher stress and especially variations in stress throughout the school year, with the purpose of identifying and implementing strategies to avoid and minimise stress and periods of peak stress to improve teacher efficacy.

Guy Marrett

Bucklands Beach Intermediate
To offer my skills on a voluntary basis to theatre companies e.g. the National Opera Co. Auckland Theatre Co. Harlequin Theatre etc.

Peter Mathieson

Havelock North High School
Look at alternate programmes in Senior Physical Education; investigate the learning needs of less academic students in physical education to continue this pathway towards employment; determine which qualities, skills and experience that training providers and employers want from these students and how I can include them in to existing alternate courses.

Paul McWilliam

Christchurch Boys' High School
To provide a well-researched discussion document/report on the benefits of establishing a school-wide culture of student leadership and proposing how that culture might be established.

Allen Mossop

Tauranga Boys' College
To investigate the different pedagogical approaches to teaching science and its effects on student outcomes.

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Ernest Priestley 

Spotswood College
Investigate how school counselling service is perceived by immigrant students and what if any are the barriers to their seeking counsellor assistance.

Nena Rōvekamp

Tauranga Girls' College
Investigate into e-portfolios: advantages/disadvantages, possible uses, costs involved, ownership issues and storage.

Wayne Ruffles

Glendowie College
Investigating the use of History of Maths in teaching.

Ian Sawers

Mount Hutt College
Investigation of teaching and learning practices in Health and Physical Education programmes. Investigation of sport and recreation programmes in other schools.

Simon Smith

Horowhenua College
To visit schools in England, Scotland and Germany to study new curricula in British Schools, changes to the Scottish Qualifications system, and why (against the trends) Perth High has experienced an increase in Boys' achievement this last 3 years. How are schools in the UK coping with increasing numbers of senior students, how English is taught in the UK with reference to use of IT in English.

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Kelvin Tibble 

Shirley Boys' High School
Contact and/or visit a number of schools similar to Shirley Boys High school and a number of other schools that are currently perceived as being innovative in this area. Research will be focused primarily on seeking NZ based answers to what has been and is a unique kiwi partnership involving schools and sport.

Pauline Tonner

Palmerston North Girls' High School
To investigate the transition of yr 8 students to secondary school, with a focus on Orientation Programs.

Allan Webb

Manawatu College
Research, understand and prepare implementation of the new Ministry of Education Digital Technology Guidelines at Manawatu College.

Delano Whyte

Napier Boys' High School
To produce four Unit Standards that are ready to be registered on the NQF, four training/resource booklets that support these standards and four common assessments tasks (CATS) for those standards.

Marjorie Wilkinson

Tauranga Girls' College
Influence that the study of physics as a senior subject has had in the tertiary course and career choices of students, researching the main factors that influence subject choices made by girls.

David Wilson

St Mary's College (Wellington)
To investigate the teaching of algebra in the Junior School.

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