2011 Sabbatical Reports - Primary Teachers

The following is a list of Primary Teacher Sabbatical recipients and reports for 2011. The list is sorted by surname, and you can click on the index below to assist you. If a recipient has published their report online, a link will be added below, as it becomes available. 

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Pamela Abercrombie 

Whangarei School
To investigate and research ways in which mentorship can be used to benefit the learning needs of diverse students and the leadership of teaching and learning.

Deborah Adding

Carmel College
To build on the skills and knowledge already gained in the infusion of creative thinking into the curriculum content to aid students to become competent thinkers, decision makers and problem solvers.

Judy Ambrose

St Teresa's School (Riccarton)
To investigate the effectiveness of positive reinforcement and choice making as an intervention strategy that can reduce problem behaviours in young children aged 5 - 8 years.

Ronlee Ash

Alfriston School
To investigate if the creativity of students in middle school (year 4/5) is compromised as we give priority to our 'core academic' subjects.

Teressa Bayly

Fruitvale Road School
To investigate how resource teachers: literacy in other parts of NZ work in the field of in-service teachers and to extend personal knowledge through professional reading.

Carolyn Bayne

Opoho School
Contrast the New Zealand model of enrolment (start on or near 5th birthday) with a model of restricted intake as occurs in parts of Australia where there is only one intake of children within a school year and the impact this has on the acquisition of early literacy knowledge and skills.

Katherine Besley

Witherlea School
To investigate what factors will teachers need to consider to successfully involve children in actively managing their own learning.

Alison Booth

Morningside School
To investigate the processes schools are going though to implement National Standards for Mathematics and the resources they are using. To develop personal knowledge and pedagogy in numeracy in order to build school-wide capacity.

Robyn Bull

Maungawhau School
To investigate how dance and drama can be effectively implemented into schools without disadvantaging the progress required in literacy and numeracy to meet national standards.

Paul Butterworth

Birchwood School
To investigate, though 3 case studies, the impact of the National Standards on teacher practice.

Dawn Cousins

Cromwell College
Investigate successful practises being implemented in schools in the UK that cater for students with specific learning difficulties, and how we can adapt these to a NZ context.

Jane Craig

Point View School
How do schools encourage the development of individual students creativity and imagination to prepare them to be the innovative thinkers of the future?

Barbara Deam

Pukeoware School
To investigate whether any barriers currently exist to prevent the successful transition of children from Pre-School education to school within the Franklin region.

You can view Barbara's completed report by clicking here.

Lisa Deane

Fairfield Primary School
To assess the effectiveness of a reception class for children with little or no pre-school reception.

Andrea Donaldson

Okaihau School
Investigation into ways of developing closer relationships with the parents or significant caregivers of year 2 Maori and pasifika students in our school with a view of raising the achievement levels of these students.

Susan Fallow

Opawa School
Investigate how teachers and RTLB effectively use digital technology in assessment to enhance both student learning outcomes and teacher capability in meeting the special and diverse needs of students.

Jan Ferens

Henley School (Nelson)
Reading and research in relation to the school entry assessment data collected over the past 5 years and the usefulness of this for informed teaching and learning.

Matthew Finnigan

Otumoetai Intermediate
How can grammar be most effectively embedded into writing and reading programmes and how can grammar be transferred across genres?

Mary Fleming

Kingsford School
Investigate who senior managers foster to sustain relationships between ECE and Primary schools, how they encourage the engagement of Pasifika parents in the transition to school and to look at how AP's/DP's provide leadership to support Pasifikia students in the New Entrant classroom.

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Kath Garton 

St Patrick's School (Paraparaumu)
To investigate the educational value of the use of ePortfolios in a year 7-8 class in the development of student formative assessment skills to show evidence of their learning.

Mary Hancox

Marshland School
Work alongside Annette MacDonald to investigate the learning needs of diverse learners (particularly Maori and Pasifika students) in the Canterbury Region to create a national resource 'Effective RTLB Practice'.

You can view Mary's completed report by clicking here.

Heather Harvey

Favona School
Investigate if truancy affects Favona Primary School in the same way as the MoE paper 'Truancy from school - Education Counts' states. Do other decile 1 schools feel the paper reflects their situation? Research into how truancy schemes operate and how those in South Auckland compare to those in lower decile areas of London.

Olive Howard

Oceanview Heights School
Investigate successful practises being implemented in schools in the UK that cater for students with specific literacy difficulties, and how we can adapt these to a NZ context.

Sharon Johnson

Oamaru North School
Investigate successful practises being implemented in schools in the UK that cater for students with specific learning difficulties, and how we can adapt these to a NZ context.

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Frances Macartney 

Tawhero School
To research and trial teaching strategies and assessment practice. The longer term part of the investigation will be to determine what impact improved oral language would potentially have on written language.

Annette MacDonald

Upper Hutt School
Collaborate with Mary Hancox (colleague) to collate a resource containing examples of effective Resource Teacher Learning and Behaviour practice.

You can view Annette's completed report by clicking here.

Joanne Mador

Makauri School
To explore best practise for transitioning to children and their families into school.

Rachel McInnes

Whananaki School
Investigate and research ways in which ICT can support writing programmes (particularly for years 1-4), support and increase parents involvement in their children's writing programme and facilitate transition of pre-schoolers to school with emergent literacy skills.

Heather McQuillan

Mt Pleasant School
Run a resiliency programme with students at Mount Pleasant School to compare a whole class versus group approach. To further my personal resiliency training.

Ken Mustard

Waihi Beach School
To conduct a research investigation on scale A teachers by looking at the source of stress that affects them and their methods of managing stress.

Alison Nathan

Dargaville Primary School
Research current literature on dyscalculia, investigate what is done in schools in NZ and the UK that demonstrates a response to dyscalculia as a specific learning difficulty and investigate established programmes for 6-9 year olds.

Sandra Norquay

Spreydon School
Study the transition of 5 year old children from preschool into school.

Maxime Ostermann

Tamahere Model Country School
What is working well and what isn't in reception classes in the transition from reception to school and what improvements can be made?

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Ann-Maree Parfitt 

Lower Moutere School
To look at how the Positive Behaviour Learning Programme (PB4L) can help over come the issue of students not respecting reliever teachers and the repercussions of this on the students learning.

Pamela Phillips

Albany School
To investigate year 6 preparation for transition to intermediate schooling.

Sharon Pond

Fruitvale Road School
Research project to develop a resource that will be useful to applicant as a literacy specialist and also to schools in general.

Christine Smart

Kaipara Flats School
To establish a successful, balanced literacy programme that caters for students with a wide range of ability and at varying developmental stages and meets the learning needs of students when transitioning to school and in years 1 and 2.

John Stanley

Otumoetai Intermediate
To study and research and write up an initiative that has been ongoing in 2008, 2009 and 2010 by visiting other schools and institutions.

Heather Joan Stenhouse

Mayfield School (Blenheim)
What are the effective strategies teachers in decile two multi cultural schools, with a high percentage of Maori and Pasifika students use to actively engage and motivate students in a caring inclusive environment?

Mike Stone

Huia Range School
To investigate the learning needs of diverse learners and the leadership of teaching and learning when applied to the "tail of underachievement" in New Zealand.

Carol Styles

Clayton Park School
Create a moderation process that is easy for others to follow. Conduct professional readings, visit schools, write up own process.

Susan Sullivan

Takaka Primary School
How can we best adapt our current systematic teaching of phonics at Takaka Primary School for the children who don’t catch on with their peers?

Joanne Synge

Horahora School (Cambridge)
To undertake professional learning to develop a resource bank of learning conversations in Reading and Writing that illustrate effective teacher prompting and question techniques which allow students to discuss their personal learning and identify next learning steps.

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Elizabeth Tobin 

Bradford School
To complete an investigation into Discovery Time with particular emphasis on engagement of boys.

Lizette Turnbull

Waihi Beach School
To investigate the use of ICT and e-learning tools in assisting the achievement of year 5 and 6 boys to attain the national standards in numeracy.

You can view Lizette's completed report by clicking here.

Simon Turnbull

Waikino School
Can ICT and e-learning tools support, and improve student participation and achievement in literacy in year 5 & 6 classrooms?

You can view Simon's completed report by clicking here.

Margaret Urlich

Nelson Intermediate
To evaluate the school specific Reading for Comprehension Programme created in 2009.

Jo Veale

Ashburton Intermediate
Investigate successful practises being implemented in schools in the UK that cater for students with specific learning difficulties, and how we can adapt these to a NZ context.

Megan Wilson

Whakarongo School
Improve understanding of how the Learning Management System - Ultranet can be used as an effective assessment and learning tool.

Bill Woollett

Opotiki School
To analyse the results of the trials undertaken of the Availll Reading Programme and write further reading programmes that will cater for the needs of most Maori students.

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