2012 Sabbatical Reports - Area Teachers

The following is a list of Area Teacher Sabbatical recipients and reports by surname for 2012. Scroll down the list to view available reports. If a recipient has published their report online, a link will be added below, as it becomes available. 

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Clifford Neil Carter

Rudolf Steiner School (Chch)
To produce an inspiring, user friendly teaching resource and/or student guide to 'Naked Eye, Geocentric Astronomy' for primary age children. To consolidate my own knowledge of astronomy from the point of view of Māori and other cultures.

Susan Holgate

Lawrence Area School
To investigate current practice regarding the use of literacy tools and assessment practice in secondary schools and develop best practice guidelines using assessment information.

Penelope Mossman

Amuri Area School
To investigate how area and smaller rural secondary schools provide relevant and effective learning programmes (including community learning partnerships) for 'at risk' students and those who require guided transition from school to work.

Karin Spencer

Whangamata Area School
To develop a multi curricular teaching resource to explore and teach Values Education using Traditional Tales with accompanying photographs that out the stories into an authentic context.

Patricia Taylor

Oxford Area School
To investigate possible strategies and mechanisms for the seamless development of learning, particularly Numeracy and Mathematics, for students from Years 7-11 at an Area school.

Rosemary Whyte

Oxford Area School
To research contemporary New Zealand literature which is being used in English classrooms by teachers and students at present, specifically short texts such as poems and short stories.

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Other Area Teacher Sabbatical Recipients and Reports:

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