2012 Sabbatical Reports - Primary Teachers

The following is a list of Primary Teacher Sabbatical recipients and reports for 2012. The list is sorted by surname, and you can click on the index below to assist you. If a recipient has published their report online, a link will be added below, as it becomes available.  

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Diane Batey 

Northern Health School
To research international methods of treating children with mental health issues and investigate how the educational needs of these students are being met in other countries (particularly Canada) with the view to improving practise in New Zealand schools.

You can view Diane's completed report by clicking here.

Linda Beatson

Motueka South School
To collate a resource of effective tools to aid effective implementation of school-wide Positive Behaviour for Learning and to investigate data and anecdotal evidence around the link between positive behaviour and improved outcomes.

You can view Linda's completed report by clicking here.

Wendy Bishop

Hastings Intermediate
To investigate and explore current effective pedagogy in 'gifted & talented' that enhances learning and achievement in a setting of an Academic Academy of combined Year 7 & 8 students.

Glynis Blake

Nelson Park School
To explore the connection between Inquiry Learning and the 'Discovery Time' model developed within Nelson Park and other school settings, with a particular focus on enhancing learning for tamariki Māori.

Belinda Buchanan

Clarkville School
To complete papers towards a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning upgrade.

Jennifer Burne

Waikino School
To investigate and report on the types of assessment used in schools and how they are used to benefit learning, focussing on writing. Develop rubrics for level 1 writing in child speak language.

Catherine Alyce Cameron

Opaki School
To gather and investigate data from the Masterton Cluster Schools on children's literacy school entry levels.

Anna Casley

Koru School
To investigate ways of raising Pasifika achievement by developing teachers' cultural self-efficiency through being immersed in the Samoan culture.

Ann Craig

Eskdale School
Research and construct resources and strategies which help parents support their students achievement and engagement in literacy and numeracy in the first 2 years of school.

You can view Ann's completed report by clicking here.

Lloyd Evans

Te Atatu Intermediate
To develop the area of key competencies in particular 'Thinking' within Maths/Literacy/Social Science and Science and apply this to authentic learning contexts with an integrated approach to learning.

Penelope Finn

Te Pahu School
To visit teachers in other schools to observe effective and best practice in teaching students how to self assess and reflect in order to engage them in their next steps in numeracy and literacy.

Sandra Fletcher

St Patrick's School (Paraparaumu)
To investigate how the effective teaching and assessing of spelling can enhance our schools literacy programme.

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Megan Gare 

Allenvale Special School & Res. Centre
To visit primary specialist schools and early learning/intervention centres in London that cater for students with autism to gather information about learning, teaching and service provision.

Jeanette Helen Gibbs

Monrad Intermediate
Visit schools in England and Wales to investigate how bilingual schools in Wales effectively deliver the curriculum in two languages, how effective low decile schools in England deliver their curriculum and how schools in England assess and cater for students with dyslexia.

Vicki Green

Blenheim School
How is 'Circle Time' used by teachers to create a supportive learning environment that promotes a strong class and ultimately school culture?

Helen Griffin

North Street School
To investigate and improve the transition of Māori new entrant students into North Street School.

Valmai Lynne Herbert

Miller Avenue School
Research using dyslexia friendly learning methods in Junior Classes (Years 1-3) and providing practical information for teachers and parents.

Sandra Hix

Rangiora Borough School
To investigate how I can enhance my own learning and understanding of SOLO taxonomy to become a more effective teaching practitioner.

You can view Sandra's completed report by clicking here.

Chris Hutchinson

Cloverlea School
To investigate effective practice in literacy leadership that will lead to improved teacher capability and student outcomes.

Barbara Inglis

Isleworth School
To investigate the effective implementation and integration of SOLO Taxonomy (Structure of the Observed Learning Outcome) in schools, and to examine the effectiveness on student thinking and engagement.

Eileen Jenkins

Okaihau School
To investigate establishing a goal setting programme specifically designed to incorporate the tamariki and whanau of Okaihau Primary School, in setting learning goals together so students and their families can communicate and plan to succeed together.

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Lindsay Lean 

Avondale Primary School (Auckland)
An investigation into how schools meet the needs of Year 7 & 8 students who are below or well below National Standards in Reading & Writing.

Marie Leishman

Palmerston North Intermediate
To investigate ways in which Palmerston North Intermediate school can enhance the educational opportunities and achievements of our Pasifika students.

Russell Leishman

Freyberg High School
To investigate how a large school, within a centralised education management system, identified and certified as a Glasser Quality School, achieves its intention to develop a self management plan for every learner.

Pamela Kay Lough

Mairehau School
To investigate the relationship between pedagogy and student learning. To look at problem solving with teachers to meet the specific needs of students with low levels of engagement.

Shirley Martin

Lincoln Heights School
To look at what literacy intervention programmes (other than reading recovery) are effective for children who are hard to accelerate in reading.

Susan Maynard

St Teresa's School (Bluff)
Developing an engaging, motivating and successful literacy programme.

Anne McDonald

South Makirikiri School
To investigate how web based learning has facilitated the development of creative, independent and reflective lifelong learners at Year 7 & 8 level.

Ingrid Meulenbrugge

Mahora School
To Investigate the learning needs of diverse students - ESOL

Christine Munro

Point View School
To review inquiry learning by investigating three inquiry frameworks, Lane Clark, Jamie McKenzie the 5E model.

You can view Christine's completed report by clicking here.

Agnes Oliver

Andersons Bay School
To investigate the pedagogy of effective small group teaching in Intervention Programmes, for children achieving below expected levels.

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Angela Daphne Pickering 

Redwoodtown School
To improve the participation and achievement of Māori and Pasifika students.

Neil Preston

Greytown School
To investigate how maths modelling books can be used as a pedagogical strategy?

Sandra Rai

Hay Park School
To create a teaching resource based on my recent learning through the accelerated learning in Maths project run by the MOE.

Elizabeth Ross-Collier

Clayton Park School
To examine Restorative Justice, its practices and its benefits and develop a school-wide resource for restorative practice that promotes positive relationships, more effective and individualised behaviour management strategies.

Graeme Shaw

Kaikohe East School
To develop a school programme for children with a typical oral language development.

Michael Shorter

Greerton Village School
To investigate the learning needs of Māori and Pasifika students, specifically the use of IT tools and devices that have been successfully used to enhance the learning and engagement of these students.

You can view Michael's completed report by clicking here.

Glynis Sullivan

Geraldine Primary School
To investigate the effectiveness of a holistic literacy approach to the acquisition of spelling skills as apposed to the stand alone, weekly spelling list approach.

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Jan Thomas 

Central Normal School
To spend time extending my understanding, skills and knowledge in the area of Early Years Transition to School, with particular focus on Māori & Pasifika children.

Kathryn Mary Trask

St Patrick's School (Paraparaumu)
To investigate how I can use tools of the 21st century to develop in my Year 5-8 students, digital literacy and network literacy.

You can view Kathryn's completed report by clicking here.

Heather Ruth Vaile

Deanwell School
To complete professional reading focusing on current literacy theory, visit schools to observe literacy programmes and to work on a format for student self reflection assessment in writing.

Susan Venville

Sunny Hills School
What teaching strategies are employed by schools in New Zealand, Australia and the UK for mainstreamed children diagnosed as being on the ASD spectrum - especially those with autism.

Loriann Wakefield

St Albans School
To investigate and explore best teaching practice for children with special needs, with an emphasis on ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder).

Helen Wilkie

Whitney Street School
To investigate effective strategies classroom teachers use to raise the literacy levels of their students underachieving in literacy.

Fiona Will

North East Valley Normal School
To investigate the question "how to capture new entrant students imagination, build their vocabulary then record own voice in poetry".

Marian Williams

Raroa Normal Intermediate
An investigation of the leadership of teaching and learning in the 21st century particularly as it relates to the middle years.

Russell Williams

Melville Primary School
To investigate whether a school wide 10 week literacy programme can be implemented which will show a significant shift in listening and reading comprehension levels.

Gwynneth Williamson

Vardon School
To investigate if student e-portfolios are an effective way for teachers to collect formative assessment and student voice to help them make an overall teacher judgement about their students.

Maree Woods

Winchester School (P North)
Using Vygotsky's pedagogical theory as a basis to investigate best practice in teaching of reading for New Entrant to Year 2 children.

Marion Young

Whangarei School
To investigate, research and develop a proposed pathway to better link the library facilities at Whangarei Primary School, with the teaching of Information Literacy, Inquiry Learning and ICT.

You can view Marion's completed report by clicking here.

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