2012 Sabbatical Reports - Secondary Teachers

The following is a list of Secondary Teacher Sabbatical recipients and reports for 2012. The list is sorted by surname, and you can click on the index below to assist you. If a recipient has published their report online, a link will be added below, as it becomes available. 

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Roger Allen 

Nelson College For Girls
To study various philosophies including Buddhism for self-improvement and interpersonal relationships, especially in the classroom. To develop methods and ideas leading to more positive, supportive relationships.

Ronald Barrett

Havelock North High School
To organise resource material for senior physics and to organise activities for junior science with the object of promoting excellence.

Kevin Beaumont

Karamu High School
To investigate the chemistry used in industries related to the chemistry taught in the classroom with the view to developing supporting material which emphasises chemistry and society at a local level.

John Bird

Havelock North High School
To explore solutions to the difficulties involved in motivating and effectively teaching students who struggle with literacy and with reaching the requirements of the new NCEA level one and/ or functional literacy standards.

Pieter Boekhorst

Flaxmere College
To investigate the transition of Year 8 students to Secondary School with a focus on induction/ orientation process and programmes providing effective pastoral care.

Mark Burtt

Christchurch Boys' High School
To produce a best practice strategic plan aimed at increasing the participation and performance of male students in the senior sciences and university courses.

Marie Campbell

Mangere College
To investigate the issue of relational aggression in Year 9 female students and determine ways to promote a prosocial transition from Year 8 to new relationships and friendships at Secondary School.

Gwenda Cowlrick

Napier Girls' High School
To review the role of Deans at Napier Girls' High School to reduce the overwhelming workload issues. To interview Deans in similar decile schools who have a vertical form and dean system. To come up with solutions to the problems Deans face.

Christopher Davidson

Napier Girls' High School
The development of a culture of excellence within an integrated performing arts facility.

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Belinda Graham 

Kavanagh College
To develop a mechanism that allows students to have more of a 'voice' in improving their learning environment, with view to enhancing best practice and learning opportunities.

Kathy Grey

Horowhenua College
To examine how the social inquiry process can be implemented in our level 1 Studies of Society course to give students a taste of History, Geography and Senior Social Studies. To research the Social Inquiry Process and visit schools to see how the Social Inquiry Process is taught.

Jane Hamilton

Mt Aspiring College
To investigate how effective home-school communication impacts on effective schools, especially communication of school leaders with parents and students.

Dianne Carol Hodge

Mt Maunganui College
Investigate the use of eportfolios for staff in our school, and how it can be used as a tool for individuals, HODs and departments with a focus on formative assessment, inquiry learning and student reflection.

You can view Dianne's completed report by clicking here.

Murray Jamieson

Karamu High School
To study theoretical and practical models/examples of good practice to assist in further developing the literacy and numeracy programme in the "enhanced learning".

Wendy Keir

Lynfield College
To travel to Canada to explore professional learning from Canadian experiences that are relevant to the implementation of career education benchmarks for New Zealand secondary schools.

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Jamie Macleod 

Central Hawkes Bay College
To undertake a study that attempts to provide solutions to uplifting the success rate of Maori students in NCEA English. To provide a user-friendly guide to teaching Maori students English and a definitive source of texts that may be suitable.

Michael Merrick

Nelson College For Girls
To investigate renewable methods of generating electricity such as wind, solar, tidal and wave energy in New Zealand and overseas.

William Stuart Morrow

Marlborough Girls' College
To explore and evaluate literacy strategies in the primary context and research effective pedagogies of adolescent literacy.

Maree O'Donoghue

Palmerston North Girls' High School
To research the processes of language acquisition, especially as they apply to adolescents.

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Lloyd Parkes 

Dannevirke High School
To investigate how to implement a programme that fits the learning needs of Year 13 students who will be moving into industry based careers that reliant on a strong skill base.

Nigel Pettigrew

Matamata College
To investigate learning programmes in junior science with particular emphasis on the nature of science.

Robin Pettit

St Bedes College
To examine programmes which target the learning needs and career options of Maori and Pasifika students. To trial and evaluate some new Chemistry activities which are designed to promote greater engagement with the subject.

You can view Robin's completed report by clicking here.

John Richard Seaman

Napier Girls' High School
To search for new directions in place-based education with the potential to enhance student outcomes using improved audio visual technologies and expertise.

Brian Shanks

Kings High School (Dunedin)
To get involved with Teaching Learning Systems in the form of Information Technology Development for myself to benefit my Science Department and students.

Colin Speir

Kaipara College
To prepare literacy requirements according to the new NCEA guidelines, seek courses on AsTTle diagnosis and investigate what other schools are doing to prepare for NCEA levels 1-3.

Raymond Spence

Bayfield High School
To review and develop ‘ A Programme for Effecting Positive change’ which assists students who are disengaged from their learning in aiding them in making a positive change in their behaviours.

Rachel Steele

Wellington Girls' College
To explore the art of playwriting including aspects of research, drafting, formatting, refining and rehearsal.

Kim Stevenson

Rotorua Lakes High School
To develop literacy tools for students for NCEA Physical Education and related practical subjects.

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Kim Robin Tattersall 

Wellington College
To research and develop a resource related to the newly published Classical Studies Guidelines and aligned standards, specifically the influence of classical art and architecture on New Zealand art and architecture.

John Taylor

Havelock North High School
To improve personal knowledge of what constitutes good career practice and produce booklets that would encourage positive learning and goal setting for students in the junior school.

David Taylor

Karamu High School
To investigate boys' learning in the co-educational system in comparison with boys' learning in a single sex school. Research, identify and implement strategies that are effective in boy's education.

Peter Thompson

Otahuhu College
To study a course based on Pasifika Academic literacy and take two papers based on the identity and culture of Pascific Island students and how this relates to academic successes.

John Campbell Till

Fairfield College
To develop course outlines and a resource for the new Year 11 10 credit numeracy course (Level 1) and visit local Maths HODs to gain knowledge from their expertise.

Dennis van Dijck

Lynfield College
To investigate ways to help students achieve higher order thinking in Senior Chemistry through resources that link to the key competencies in the New Zealand Curriculum.

Michael Vidulich

Mt Albert Grammar School
Complete learning in second teaching subjects of History and Social Studies. Compile a Pacific Islands Atlas of political, Historical & Cultural Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands for Secondary School Students.

Richard Wigelsworth

Mt Maunganui College
To enquire into the integration of Restorative Principles and Practices into the wider school culture of behaviour/relationship management.

Marilyn Wilson

Avonside Girls' High School
To develop Junior Mathematics lessons by researching the use of Discovery Learning to use as a guide to prepare lessons to suit students taught by maths teachers.

Karyn Wilson

Lincoln High School
To explore the best practice in the development of cross curricular courses that have engaged partially disconnected students into a pathway towards employment and or tertiary education.

Robert William Wrightson

Massey High School
To examine various models of Programme Design in Visual Arts Departments on the progression and links between junior and senior programmes in secondary schools in the Auckland area.

You can view Robert's completed report by clicking here.

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