2013 Sabbatical Reports - Primary Teachers

The following is a list of Primary Teacher Sabbatical recipients and reports for 2013. The list is sorted by surname, and you can click on the index below to assist you. If a recipient has published their report online, a link will be added below, as it becomes available.  

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Deborah Barclay 

Manuka Primary School
To identify what challenging behaviours are prevalent in classrooms, and the strategies and structures currently in place for teachers and students.

Kerry Bartlett

Frimley School
To gain training, experience and certification in the solution-based approach to bullying in primary schools.

Wendy Beauchamp

Maraekakaho School
To investigate the use of intelligent learning behaviours to raise the achievement of learners.

Shelley Black

Central Normal School
To investigate, explore and research current effective Māori language pedagogy narratives and to investigate its effectiveness in terms of e-learning and ICT capability.

Shona Blundell

Piopio Primary School
Review and development of assessment practice in the Junior School team towards reporting student achievement against the National Standards.

Kevin Booth

St John's Hill School
To investigate teachers' pedagogical approaches in environmental education that promote students' competence for a sustainable future.

Philippa Cleverley

Bluestone School
To investigate and research how primary schools in New Zealand manage the process of moderation against National Standards.

Nicola Crawford

Lake Rotoiti School
Investigating the potential for children to record their own stories visually and orally as a means of nurturing rich and prolific written language.

Andrew Crawford

Mayfair School
To investigate models of restorative practice and their use in primary schools, and develop the process and procedures for implementation of restorative practices at Mayfair school.

Mary Culling

Coley Street School
Extending my understanding and knowledge of whole school behaviour management systems, with particular focus on the postive behaviour for learning programmes.

Jo Anne Davidson

Ashgrove School
An investigation of the educational theory of Reggio Emilia and its relevance in New Zealand primary schools.

Lynn Davies

Arthur Miller School
To investigate the content of primary-school classroom mathematics programmes through the perspectives of rich problem-solving, the use of materials, and information and communication technology.

Jennifer Davison

Blenheim School
To investigate how my knowledge and understanding of Māori pedagogy can enable myself as an RTLB to become more culturally responsive and competent, and thereby enable me to work collaboratively supporting schools and teachers to achieve 'Māori enjoying educational success as Māori.'

Janferie Day

Winchester School (P North)
Investigate and explore best teaching practice for primary-aged children with special needs, with an emphasis on autistic spectrum disorder.

Nicola-Sue Fielder

Apiti School
To investigate best practice in reading to effectively raise student engagement and achievement.

Josephine Fothergill

Raumati Beach School
Investigate whether our assessment system is Eurocentric, and what impact this has on marginalised learners.

You can view Josephine's completed report by clicking here.

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Craig Gault 

Waltham School
Carry out an inquiry into the learning of children who are well below the national standard in Numeracy, including Māori and Pasifika students.

Cherelle Gibson

Clyde School
To investigate and explore the use of ICT in the Junior School to enhance my leadership in children's learning in numeracy and literacy at Clyde School.

You can view Cherelle's completed report by clicking here.

Ann Gwilliam

Eastern Hutt School
Investigate and document the issues that children experience when transitioning from early childhood centres to school.

Vicki Hagenaars

Wanganui Intermediate
To visit teachers in other schools and observe effectiveness and best practice in the use of e-learning, in order to develop and lead programmes of learning at Wanganui Intermediate School that most effectively use the UFB rollout.

You can view Vicki's completed report by clicking here.

Shelley Handley

Selwyn Ridge School
To develop a resource to assist teachers in using a differentiated approach to learning letters and sounds while meeting the needs of a diverse group of children.

Bernadette Heibner

Avondale Primary School (Auckland)
An investigation into the current beliefs, knowledge and practices of a group of teachers in order to improve understanding of how to effectively promote teacher learning to empower them to accelerate the literacy learning of students who are significantly challenged in literacy acquisition.

Joanne Hewitt

Browns Bay School
Investigate what pathways schools are taking to raise the effectiveness of their teachers, and what data they collect that shows this is having a positive effect on student outcomes.

Suzanne Holmes

Witherlea School
Research classroom learning programmes to enrich the oral language of new entrant children and promote achievement in literacy during their first year at school.

Kerry Howard

Central Normal School
Explore inclusive opportunities that will increase and extend the learning needs of diverse learners with an emphasis on positive interactions between students.

Kate Hunter

Waimataitai School
To investigate best practice so as to actively engage boys in their writing, to investigate best practice in relation to boys in Years 5-8, and to work closely with a mentor who has expertise in boys' education; and to develop a practical resource for other teachers which outlines key components of a quality writing programme, with particular reference to boys' writing, to select a target group of boys who are currently achieving below national standards.

Richard Jones

Onerahi School
To investigate teachers' understanding of inquiry learning and how this transfers from theory into classroom practice in schools.

You can view Richard's completed report by clicking here.

Teresa Kedzlie

Royal Oak School
To investigate what factors contribute to the successful transition of students with learning and/or behavioural needs from year 8 to secondary school, and what processes need to be in place to facilitate an effective transition.

You can view Teresa's completed report by clicking here.

Marie Keely

Lincoln Primary School
To investigate how outstanding schools in the UK have implemented best practices for the teaching and learning of science and reflect on how we can help our own students.

Katherine Kerr

Okaihau School
To investigate the literacy levels of children entering school, particularly those of Māori children.

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Keryn Lacey 

Maungatapu School
To investigate the foundation skills programme in order to develop more rigour and expertise at Maungatapu School.

Michelle Leighton

Kairanga School
Investigate the benefits, application and implications of brain-based learning in the classroom setting.

Eris Macrae

West End School (P North)
Research best practice for increasing children's written vocabulary in the first three years of Junior School.

Claire McCormick/Mulholland

St John's School (Ranfurly)
To investigate the systems and practices that are currently being used to support Filipino students with their integration into New Zealand schools.

Sue Meltzer

Kadimah College
To investigate how Jewish elementary schools in New York incorporate Jewish culture. The report will outline the professional learning activities and development, the timeline and potential learning itinerary, and the benefits to staff and students as well as myself.

Rachael Myers

Henley School (Nelson)
To research effective teaching methods for underachievers in mathematics, and to implement a daily programme for a group of children at Henley School to lift their progress.

David Nicol

Lincoln Primary School
To investigate how outstanding schools in the UK have implemented best practices for the teaching and learning of science and reflect on how we can help our own students.

Gaye O'Connor

Carlton School
An inquiry into organisational methodology and its impact on teaching practice and student learning and achievement.

Elizabeth Oldridge

Nelson Central School
To investigate how schools in the Nelson/Waimea district decide on resources to teach phonological knowledge to new readers.

You can view Elizabeth's completed report by clicking here.

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Sara Rogers 

New Windsor School
Develop a resource kit for New Zealand schools wanting to use human rights education as a basis for implementing the New Zealand Curriculum.

Ngaire Shepherd-Wills

Clearview Primary
Investigate the impact of modern learning environments on pedagogical practice and student learning experiences.

You can view Ngaire's completed report by clicking here.

Nicola Shuttleworth

Mt Cook School (Wellington)
To investigate inquiry learning as a way of thinking and working across the curriculum and the benefits of this learning model for our students' further education.

Phillip Simpson

Matipo Road School
Research into and reading on current writing practice both in New Zealand and around the world; observations of classroom writing pedagogy in a variety of schools.

Diana Stayt

Hoon Hay School
Investigate ways to enhance the development and implementation of our 'Hoon Hay Way' inquiry model.

Margaret Stratton

Kaitaia School
To investigate if other schools similar to Kaitaia Primary have similar issues, and how teachers address them in their language programme.

Beverley Sullivan

Sunnyvale School
To investigate links between oral language development on entry to school and achievement in literacy in relation to National Standards.

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Tara Taylor-Jorgensen 

Amesbury School
Investigate whether our assessment system is Eurocentric, and what impact this has on marginalised learners.

You can view Tara's completed report by clicking here.

Katie Tonks

Remuera School
To investigate the value of handheld devices.

Lynne Torrie

Marton Junction School
To develop a reading programme for new parents to use to enrich the language, understanding and knowledge of their children before they start school.

Sonya Van Schaijik

Newmarket School
To investigate the relationship between pedagogy and student learning using ICT.

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