2013 Sabbatical Reports - Secondary Teachers

The following is a list of Secondary Teacher Sabbatical recipients and reports for 2013. The list is sorted by surname, and you can click on the index below to assist you. If a recipient has published their report online, a link will be added below, as it becomes available.  

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Gregory Baillie 

Rathkeale College
To develop a Year 9 to Year 13 Statistics teaching programme.

Lynette Balfour

St John's College (Hastings)
To research ways to improve and develop the reading of books written in English in the homes of Pacific Island high school students who live in New Zealand.

David Brown

Sacred Heart College (Napier)
To research subject content knowledge and development of curriculum resource by exploring historical places, events, peoples and movements which have significance to New Zealanders, specifically in the Medditeranean and Middle East.

April Craighead

Waimea College
Develop a student learning resource for the new calculus scholarship.
Complete professional development and research in the realigned calculus scholarship. This will involve research both within schools and suitable web sites into the changes through the realignment process to calculus scholarship.

You can view April's completed report by clicking here.

Ada Crowe

Otago Girls' High School
To research academic papers on positive behavior support and restorative practices in schools and undertake visits to schools where these practices have been implemented.

You can view Ada's completed report by clicking here.

Bruce Farthing

Otumoetai College
Undertake a professional inquiry into history pedagogies in senior secondary schools.

You can view Bruce's completed report by clicking here.

Paul Ferguson

Marlborough Boys' College
To investigate how Marlborough Boys' College could develop and broaden its Physical Education programmes in the senior school.

Ian Fleming

Marlborough Girls' College
To investigate and evaluate strategies to improve learning outcomes for Māori students undertaking studies in the visual arts at secondary level, and to inform educators on strategies and approaches to improve student engagement.

Cleanthe Frykberg

Onslow College
Visit historical and archaeological sites and museums to research and produce an annotated visual resource of primary source material for Onslow College's social sciences curriculum.

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Jeanette Gilroy 

Horowhenua College
To gain more insight into the successful Visual Arts programmes New Zealand teachers have, and enable visual arts teachers to implement successful programmes in their own schools throughout New Zealand.

William Gordon

Kings High School (Dunedin)
Investigate the uses, applications and extensions of moodle ICT in English programmes.

Richard Gordon

Campion College
To develop a web-based learning resource on learning opportunities available in Te Urewera National Park.

Pamela Grant

Wairarapa College
To increase knowledge and understanding of how to improve the writing skills of students across the curriculum at Wairarapa College.

Mary Greenland

Nayland College
To focus on the Social Inquiry Process, which underpins the programme of work Nayland College has tried to develop in the Social Sciences, intending to use Inquiry-Based Learning as this is a professional learning and development focus at Nayland College for the next year or so.

Christopher Hickton

Te Puke High School
To investigate and gather information on the type and use of modern manufacturing equipment in technology departments throughout New Zealand secondary schools.

Deborah Hunt

Hamilton Girls' High School
To investigate the implementation of key competencies in English programmes in state secondary schools.

Michael Hutching

St Mary's College (Ponsonby)
To explore the connections between text choice, student needs and Mercy values in the English departments of Mercy schools.

Anne Keown

Havelock North High School
To look at strategies to improve rates of reading in the senior school, having become aware of a drop-off in library issues to students from Year 11 up.

Innes Kerr-Taylor

Kaipara College
To travel to Europe and talk to educators about how they are coping with downward trends in school staff and parents contributing towards extra-curricular sporting activities; also to review the senior PE programme at Kaipara College with the specific intention of improving the use of literacy tools to develop greater critical thinking skills.

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Sze Min Lee 

Auckland Grammar
To research online mathematical topics useful as teaching resources as well as learning aids for students, and locate resources available online to suit areas of study required for mathematics classes, with an emphasis on online videos.

Geoffrey Love

Geraldine High School
Investigate ways to introduce Geographic Information Systems (GIS) into Social Sciences at Geraldine High School.
Conduct investigation using the GISMAPPED software package, using the software to do the self directed lessons and try out the school GIS Projects and lessons that the students use.
Visiting schools that currently use GIS in class rooms to see how others are using the resource.

Jennifer Lunn

Napier Girls' High School
To investigate the learning needs of diverse students and initiatives of personalised learning, specifically for girls who are choosing different pathways.

David Macrae

Awatapu College
To research best practice for enhancing mathematical performances amongst low-achieving students at Level 1 NCEA.

Mary Marshall

Verdon College
To create better resources to engage modern students using technology, co-operative learning, and individual workstations, with differentiated tasks so that students will be able to take more responsibility for their own learning.

Russell McCabe

Kerikeri High School
Research and plan for implementation of a culturally responsive mentoring programme with a bias towards Māori learners and in particular Māori boys.

Michele McCarthy

Gisborne Boys' High School
To produce a resource handbook for Year 9–13 mainstream teachers, with the purpose of building awareness and understanding of the cultural background and language learning needs of ESOL students.

Neil Moir

Karamu High School
To research and begin designing an integrated, progressive course for years 9 to 13 in digital technologies that caters for differing ability and interest levels.

Garry Moody

Blue Mountain College
To investigate and assemble a wide range of pedagogical strategies to enhance engagement and learning for boys in the classroom.

Cindy Morgan

Tamatea High School
To investigate how gateway programmes perform and to discover from the Tertiary Education Commission schools that were considered high-performing under the government's current gateway.

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Dale Prebble 

Karamu High School
To investigate the direction technology education is heading in the 21st cntury in New Zealand Secondary Schools and develop resources to enhance its relevance in the future.

Geoffrey Prestidge

Tauhara College
Research specific examples of how the overall school/community environment can positively position students for success, encouraging students to attend school and re-engaging teachers.

Edmund Salem

Tawa College
To explore the impact the UK Government's new Guidance Procedures have had and consider how these ideas can be applied in a New Zealand secondary school context.

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Cornell Van Kralingen 

Botany Downs Secondary College
To explore the use of GIS in geography teaching in New Zealand and overseas to ascertain how spatial technologies are incorporated into their respective programmes.

Kevin Ward

Waitaki Boys' High School
To investigate the use of student portfolios as an assessment mechanism for improving feedback and goal-setting between teacher and student; and to identify specific examples of best assessment practices in use in secondary schools for implementation in his own faculty.

John Warner

Auckland Grammar
To investigate methods that all boys' schools can use to increase the use of school libraries to foster reading amongst male pupils, and to investigate strategies adopted that encourage male pupils to make fuller use of school library facilities for their learning.

Jenny Webb

Queens High School
To investigate how Maori students are being taught in English-medium settings, particularly at schools who have high success rates for their Maori students.

Helen Webber

He Huarahi Tamariki
To explore effective teaching and learning practice in a teen parent unit setting.

Janet Webster

John Paul II High School
Develop teaching strategies to enhance the special Catholic character of schools with Marist and Mercy founders so that students will be better prepared to take their place in society.

Barbara Wills

Otahuhu College
To develop effective teaching resources to enable Year 9–13 students with specific learning difficulties at Otahuhu College to improve in their literacy and/or numeracy skills so that they can achieve at NCEA Level 1.

Trevor Wilson

Mt Roskill Grammar
To develop a booklet and exemplars for the Level 3 Achievement Standard: 'investigate time series data'.

You can view Trevor's completed report by clicking here.

Rosemary Wright

Tauranga Girls' College
Investigate how Maori and Pasifika students could utilise the gateway programme to increase focus in their educational studies, and cooperate with industries to contribute toward their needs.

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