2015 Sabbatical Reports - Primary Teachers

The following is a list of Primary Teacher Sabbatical recipients for 2015. The list is sorted by surname, and you can click on the index below to assist you. If a recipient has published their report online, a link will be added below, as it becomes available. 

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Marion Ashley 

Winchester School (P North)
To use Vygotsky's pedagogical theory as a basis to investigate best practice in the delivery of Discovery Time for New Entrant and Year 1 children.

Andrea Bailey

Island Bay School
Test the theory put forward by international dyslexia expert, Neil McKay that "best classroom practice for dyslexic children can also produce constructive results for all students".

Brent Ballantyne

St Mary's School (Carterton)
To investigate theories and strategies that will improve the engagement in education of Years 7 and 8 boys, particularly reading and writing with a focus on priority learners.

Nicola Barr

Fernside School
Involvement with newly developed Waimakariri Cluster investigating whether professional relationships and networks within and between schools and early childhood centres support successful student transitions to school.

David Bayley

Van Asch Deaf Education Centre
To improve leadership skills of a team of Resource Teachers of the Deaf.

You can view David's completed report by clicking here.

Kathryn Bradley

Raumati South School
To investigate how to enhance the learning of Māori and Pasifika students through culturally responsive practice.

Marie Bramley

Cambridge Middle School
To investigate ways to effectively and creatively implement the curriculum for Year 7 and 8 students with high learning needs in a range of Middle School settings that impacts positively on their learning outcomes.

Clint Brandon

Brooklyn School (Wellington)
To investigate how an auditory, multi-sensory method involving children reading to a soundtrack can be used to improve student engagement and performance in literacy.

Diane Brass

Dawson School
To research and observe some specific exemplars of good practice in inclusive teaching in primary and secondary schools.

Judith Burrows

Deanwell School
To strengthen knowledge of successful strategies for raising student achievement in writing, especially that of Māori boys.

Sharlene Carki

Weston School
Investigating how other schools transition children into their school and the systems and processes they have around this.

Mary Carroll-Jones

Northern Health School
To investigate and document how "Ka Hikitia - Accelerating for Success" strategies around transition plans are being implemented in the Northern Health school's Individual Learning Plans; and to seek teacher voice and student voice on the effectiveness of these transition goals.

Anne Chrisholm

Fairburn School
To research and explore effective teaching methods to improve and accelerate students understanding and use of reading comprehension strategies.

Finuala Deeley

Henley School (Nelson)
To find new ideas and resources which target low progress writers and help them to achieve the National Standard in writing.

Christina Donnell

Kaipara Flats School
Investigate and create an action plan to implement Daily 5 and CAFE literacy approach across the school

Margaret Dwan

Shirley Intermediate
Inquiry as a reading curriculum leader and how to reassess our teaching methods and resources to increase student engagement and achievement.

Jane Fong

Sefton School
To explore the pedagogy, teaching practises and physical aspects associated with a Modern Learning Environment and to investigate how best to prepare for the implementation of Modern Learning Environments into Sefton School.

Lorraine Frances-Rees

St Joseph's School (Oamaru)
To investigate how distributed leadership networks are engaging in deliberate acts of day to day leadership to promote deep cognitive and cultural engagement for students and their families.

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Sandra Gilmore 

Orewa School
To investigate the difference iPads are making to learning

Gillian Hedley

Arohanui Special School
To investigate a range of pedagogies currently used by New Zealand Special Schools to successfully support the learning of students with Autism.

Lorraine Hitchcock

Norfolk School
To investigate ways a variety of schools teach and integrate "Te Reo Māori me ona Tikanga" successfully in the classroom and school, and to continue to develop my own proficiency in these areas.

Haidee Jenkins

Greenpark School (Tauranga)
To investigate best practice and the effective strategies teachers use in the teaching of writing tools to access the curriculum to raise engagement and sustain acceleration of students.

Solomon John

Halswell Residential College

Sheralyn Judd

Waimataitai School
To investigate the effects of negative early experience on brain development and the subsequent effect on the behaviour of students in the classroom.

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Adrienne Lyall 

Fergusson Intermediate (Trentham)
To further develop skills and understanding in teaching methods that will improve the learning outcomes for Māori students, particular Māori girls in Year 7 and 8.

Mary MacKay

Enner Glyn School
To inquire into the link between rich oral language experiences including Māori language during interactions before school to student achievement in oral and written language at school.

Margot Mackie

Manchester Street School
To investigate the barriers for successful transition from pre-school to school.

Mary Maguire

Wakari School
To pursue an inquiry in teaching strategies and practises that support targeted achievement for students who continue to progress but sit just below expected standards.

Janine McDonald

Kenakena School
To examine how sustainable implementation of the problem-solving approach to the teaching of mathematics through mixed ability grouping can be achieved in the primary school setting.

You can view Janine's completed report by clicking here.

Michelle Morriss

Brooklyn School (Wellington)
To build a understanding of Māori and Pasifika perpectives and finding out how we embed this into our school culture.

Elspeth Oliver

Whitiora School
To examine the debate around boys' underachievement in literacy and explore the implications of technological integration as a means of engaging, motivating and accelerating boys' literacy achievement.

Bernadette Olliver

Trentham School
To investigate ways in which Māori and Pasifika achievement in reading can be improved at Trentham school in years 4-6.

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Judith Parry 

St James School (Aranui)
To investigate and research modern innovative learning environments in schools that have high percentage of Pasifika students.

Diana Puati

Raumati South School
To investigate how to enhance the learning of Māori and Pasifika students through culturally responsive practise.

James Rea

Russell Street School
To investigate how an e-learning rich culture best advances learner agency (capacity to act), especially for priority learners.

You can view James' completed report by clicking here.

Bronwyn Reid

Royal Road School
To develop techniques and strategies to better support oral language acquisition in class

Donna Riley

One Tree Point School
To investigate current research on the benefits of adopting a better nutrition programme and how it affects positive changes in behaviour, attendance, overall health but improves students ability to learn and raising their achievement levels.

Robyn Robertson

Gate Pa School
To research and explore best practice in engaging Māori and Pasifika boys in the early years at school.

Lucille Roodbeen

St Joseph's School (Stratford)
To research, study and learn about the brain development stages of children up to the age of 7 years so that I can use this evidence to provide a rationale for a quality, regular PE programme that includes movement concepts in the classroom.

Deidre Senior

Oamaru Intermediate
To investigate the pedagogical approaches required to maximise the use of BYOD environment

Vasanti Sima

Kaitaia Intermediate
To investigate whether including a competitive element to mathematics will help to improve understanding, co-operative problem solving and enjoyment especially amongst Māori boys of intermediate age.

Erin Simpson

Turaki School
To enquire into effective reporting practises for ORS students, in particular students with high and very high needs.

Barbara Sperl

Central Normal School
To investigate effective inclusive practice that will improve the outcomes for students with diverse learning needs with an emphasis on students on the Autistic spectrum.

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Sandra Taylor 

Oakura School
To investigate the impact of modern learning environments on raising student achievement.

Sarah Tullett

Blind and Low Vision Education Network
To investigate social skills for learners who are blind, deaf blind or have low vision.

David Van de Klundert

Morningside School
To explore how schools develop and maintain collaborative teaching cultures and what impact the collaborative approach has on students learning.

Tracey Walsh

Merrilands School
To investigate ways that the library at Merrilands School can better support the achievement of its Priority Learners.

Lorna Webb

St Brigid's School (Johnsonville)
To develop professional learning in the area of Internet Safety and to encourage the use of the OWLS programme in the classroom both at St Brigid's school and in the wider community.

Christina White

Patricia Avenue School
To investigate current practices in the delivery of literacy programmes to senior students with special needs in the context of their Life Skills programmes, work experience opportunities and transitioning from school to day programmes or residential living options.

Phillipa Wooffindin

Pukekohe Intermediate
To develop a resource package to support schools, SENCO's, whole school, departments within secondary schools, syndicates and RTLB to gain knowledge, skills and understandings around inclusive education in order to better meet the needs of all students.

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