2015 Sabbatical Reports - Secondary Teachers

The following is a list of Secondary Teacher Sabbatical recipients for 2015. The list is sorted by surname, and you can click on the index below to assist you. If a recipient has published their report online, a link will be added below, as it becomes available. 

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Tony Aikenhead 

Motueka High School
To review restorative justice program at Motueka High School, investigating positive behaviour strategies.

Anthony Ambrose

Shirley Boys' High School
To discover how successful trusts have been established in starting a trust for school's Otakaro Learning Cluster and expanding the Charles V Gallagher trust at Shirley Boys' High School.

Mark Berry

Rathkeale College
To observe effective and best practice in hard materials technology.

Paul Blackbeard

Motueka High School
To investigate what schools do to encourage students to attend school regularly.

Anthony Blackbeard

Waitaki Boys' High School
Research of subject content knowledge for Year 10 History and Social Studies. Identify best practice pedagogy suited to teaching boys at this level.

Michael Brady

Porirua College
Improve ability to use student voice as an effective way to enhance planning and teaching.

Ronald Braithwaite

Fraser High School
To prevent the loss of institutional, curriculum knowledge and wisdom of the generation of teachers currently retiring.

Sandra Brown

Broadgreen Intermediate
To investigate how nutrition influences students learning potential and school performance.

Marilyn Cadle

Waitara High School
Investigate pedagogies used by teachers in Digital Technology to raise achievement for diverse and at-risk learners and to increase Māori and Pasifika engagement. Improve own knowledge and skills and develop resources for Digital technologies.

Kristine Canham

Mount Hutt College
To investigate geographic information systems learning programmes.

Kevin Clarkson

Mana College
To produce a school wide statistics programme for Yr 9-13, that reflects needs and interests of the students.

Mary Connor

St Oran's College
Research BOYD programmes and visit schools in the United Kingdom to explore their geography curriculum and how digital technology is being used to enhance teaching and learning programmes.

Timothy Costeloe

Wellington College
To investigate Māori cultural devices and technical skills involved in carving, as well as the stories these tell.

Margot Crate

Tokoroa High School
To upskill in 'new digital technology' achievement standards at Level 1, 2 and 3.

Rosemary Cudby

Napier Girls' High School
Develop performance standards for senior Physical Education which are not currently included on the NZQA website. Also investigate the cyberbullying programme "Sticks n Stones".

Alison Dickinson

Palmerston North Boys' High School
To enhance knowledge of French language and culture, refine teaching practice and develop resources for teaching French in secondary schools.

William Dix

Mt Roskill Grammar
Explore approaches to teaching Chemistry that will engage Māori and Pasifika Students. Develop resources for Level 2 Chemistry with a focus on how to assist Māori and Pasifika students to write quality answers in external exams.

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Thomas Graham 

Paraparaumu College
To encourage and improve awareness, participation and achievement of students, using a study of and implementing aspects of Māori horticultural practices.

Jill Gray

Havelock North High School
To develop resources for the numeracy unit standards 26623, 26626 and 26627.

Jacinta Grice

Hilmorton High School
To research best practice Special Education with a particular focus on Inclusion, Technology and Transition.

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Simon Lassche 

Auckland Grammar
Investigate teaching of chemistry with specific reference to Cambridge AS and A level chemistry in other schools. Develop resources to support teaching of chemistry. Personal research to support own subject content knowledge.

Margaret Lloyd

Marlborough Girls' College
To investigate the role of older teacher in the classroom.

Brenda Matthews

Havelock North High School
To incorporate local story telling into curriculum into curriculum levels 2 and 3 in Te Reo Māori.

Eric McAuslan

Kings High School (Dunedin)
To investigate alternative approaches to the teaching of mathematics.

Marion Myers

St Mary's College (Wellington)
To investigate research into curriculum based education outside the classroom, for economic and junior social studies classes.

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Robin Page 

Birkenhead College
To begin the development of an integrated programme of learning for the Year 10 boys class at co-educational Birkenhead College.

Richard Pirie

Logan Park High School
To investigate alternative pedagogical approaches to the teaching of Chemistry, especially to Year 11 students.

Mariette Poortman

St Mary's College (Ponsonby)
Investigate systems and practices that foster inclusiveness with regard to the learning needs of diverse students; those with different learning preferences.

Mark Romans

Geraldine High School
To investigate different "Mentoring Programme" models that focus on supporting and enhancing learning opportunities for struggling and disengaged learners in secondary schools.

Stephen Rout

Lincoln High School
To investigate the impact, in terms of student behaviour, of a school's clearly defined values, and the most effective way of embedding these into the school culture.

Paul Simei-Barton

Massey High School
To identify factors that will make photography more engaging for male students and Māori and Pasifika students. To develop resources for differentiated learning opportunities in photography.

Kaye Speedy

Hastings Girls' High School
Research and develop resources for Year 13 Tertiary English at Hastings Girls' High School.

Robert Sperling

Tauranga Boys' College
To investigate learning needs of Māori and Pasifika students going onto vocational pathways.

Monica Stowers

Marcellin College
To improve knowledge of Samoan culture and traditions, by volunteering, discussion and observation, to better teach Samoan and Pasifika students.

Gay Summers

Fraser High School
To investigate and observe practices in place to support well being of teachers and principals.

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Tini Tuhura 

St Joseph's Māori Girls' College
To investigate and develop a digital technology resource appropriate for Year 7 and Year 8 and to modify the Year 9 and 10 digital technology programme accordingly.

Cheryl West

Marlborough Girls' College
To reflect on Vocational Studies program and find ways to embrace further vocational pathways in the curriculum.

Marilyn Wild

Onslow College
Read relevant research on raising student literacy levels and create differentiated resources with scaffolds for teachers and students.

Richard Wild

New Plymouth Boys' High School
To research battlefield sites of WWI and Irish Nationalism to make primary source material for topics within the History department of New Plymouth BHS.

Andrew Wright

Havelock North High School
Produce relevant material for scholarship mathematics with calculus by developing material that is split up into topic areas, with worked exemplars, relevant questions and fully worked answers, including questions and answers from past papers.

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