2016 Sabbatical Reports - Primary Teachers

The following is a list of Primary Teacher Sabbatical recipients for 2016. The list is sorted by surname, and you can click on the index below to assist you. If a recipient has published their report online, a link will be added below, as it becomes available. 

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Christine Barbridge 

Tawhero School
To provide a professional, evidence based resource to be used by schools and RTLB to identify and support students at risk during critical transition times. The resource will identify the critical transition points as well as key indicators for identifying those at risk.

Trudi Brocas

Arohanui Special School
To research pedagogical approaches, learning progressions and assessment practices in literacy for students with significant disabilities.

Karen Burrows

Kapanui School
To explore the relationship between pedagogy and student success in the mathematics area.

Alana Cantley

Reremoana Primary School
Research pedagogical content knowledge and its relationship to students' learning.

Anne Cato

St Mary's Catholic School (Rotorua)
I will undertake an inquiry into how e-learning impacts on student achievement and identify strategies that will accelerate learning and raise student achievement. Whilst doing this I plan to also be a participant in the 32-week Mindlab Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice (digital and collaborative learning). Assessment and it's impact on student's outcomes, the relationship between pedagogy and students learning, pedagogical knowledge, leadership in teaching and learning.

Toni Cummins

Te Kura o Matapihi
To enhance Te Reo Pakeha teaching practice and to ensure that tamariki develop into competent thinkers, speakers, readers and writers in English.

Sarah Davies

Stoke School
To examine the role of purposeful learning centred parental engagement within our school and more broadly local schools for the purpose of increasing the capacity of whanau and teachers' in accelerating the learning of our underachieving male Māori students.

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Marion Gauntlett 

Taumarunui High School
To investigate iPad applications that can be used to effect in the classroom to engage, motivate and enhance the learning for students that are struggling to get to and/or maintain National Standard levels in literacy and numeracy.

Carolyn Goodison

Maungatapere School
To gain a deeper understanding of the role of SENCO within the primary sector. To explore how other schools manage the role of SENCO and determine how best to implement the role at Maungatapere School to better meet the needs of target children, their families and their learning. To increase my personal knowledge of the agencies, funding and types of applications that are available within the education system for the variety of needs being presented within the primary setting.

Rosemary Gormack

Northern Health School
To analyse and reflect upon the pedagogical approaches to students learning needs while in hospital with particular emphasis on the learning needs of diverse students.

Beryl Harvey

Mt Maunganui Intermediate
To investigate transition procedures and processes for students entering Mount Maunganui Intermediate as Year 7's and leaving college as Year 8's.

Andrea Hedley

Waitohu School
To address the transition needs of Māori and Pasifika new entrants at Waitohu School by gaining deeper understanding of preschool learning experiences and transition programmes.

Graham Henton

Whakatane Intermediate
The professional learning activities I will undertake are associated with "Implementation of the curriculum".

Stefan Hervel

Maitai School
Research and develop a school based vocational programme for students with special education needs ages 18-21 based on the New Zealand National Curriculum and provide a proposal to the Board of Trustees to implement this programme at Maitai school.

Deborah Higgins

Parakai School
To investigate the systems (literacy) that currently exists with my Resource Teacher Literacy Cluster.

Claire Hutchison

Springlands School
To take part in a investigation that focuses on how to accelerate achievement in priority learners of writing.

Vicki James

Palmerston North Intermediate
To spend quality time to research and investigate innovative teaching and learning approaches and environments that will enable successful teaching and learning of students in the intermediate school setting.

Jennifer Jamieson

Royal Oak School
To review our school's current effectiveness in the home/school partnership with Pacific Island families. To investigate effective partnerships in other schools as a catalyst to embedding effective strategies and programmes aimed at raising achievement particularly with Pacific Island students below National Standards in our school. To develop leadership confidence to further strengthen effective home/school partnership.

Gary Johnston

Churton School
To undertake research based inquiry and consultation about the importance and impact of home - school relationships on student learning development and behaviour.

Jillian Johnstone

Otumoetai Intermediate
To investigate how mathematical learning communities can accelerate the mathematical learning of students especially those achieving below the national standard.

Linda Johnstone

Tawhero School
To research, reflect and report on the systems designed to ensure students with dyslexia were identified and provided with appropriate and sustainable interventions that enable them to readily access the NZ curriculum.

Catriona Kincaid

Northcote School (Christchurch)
Looking at the continuity of learning from preschool to primary.

Belinda Kusabs

Royal Oak School
To investigate the impact of the Incredible Years Teacher Programme on children's learning in regards to on/off task behaviour with emphasis on children from Pasifika backgrounds.

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Heather Langley 

Greerton Village School
To research and investigate effective classroom practices, strategies and approaches to support students who have special learning needs and physical disabilities.

Judith Larkins

Van Asch Deaf Education Centre
My professional learning activities will be focused around "The learning needs of diverse students" and "Student development or behaviour" with relation to deaf and hearing impaired children.

Louisa Linterman

St Mary's School (Blenheim)
To review and develop ways of supporting Māori students to achieve as Māori with a focus on whanau consultation. To visit colleges and become familiar with the Te Reo Māori programmes that are provided for mainstream students; so that transition support is optimised. To provide time to improve my conversational Te Reo Māori and tikanga understanding.

Barbara Lockhart

Kaimata School
To investigate the impact of recent research on brain and thinking development and Te Whariki on transition to school and learning in the early primary school years.

Sally Masson

Miller Avenue School
During the course of my sabbatical inquiry I will be addressing professional learning in the fields of curriculum implementation and student emotional/social development and behaviour. The NZ Curriculum value of respect for self, others and human rights is directly addressed by the development of respectful relationships which is key to a restorative approach. Additionally when schools embrace a restorative philosophy within their culture they are able to provide authentic social contexts for their students to develop the curriculum key competencies of "thinking" and "relating to others".

Anne McCambridge

Wanaka Primary School
Investigate ways to cater for learning needs in oral language of a diverse range of students.

Paula Nicholls

Queenstown School
To examine current Physical Education programmes in a variety of primary schools in New Zealand and the United Kingdom to see how they meet the learning needs of their students and their diversity.

Robyn O'Shea

Mt Cook School (Wellington)
To investigate the way schools in the Wellington Southern and Eastern Clusters prepare children for literacy learning and identify at risk young readers and writers in the first two years of school.

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Andrea Pirie 

Point View School
The professional learning activity that I will be undertaking is to focus on the learning needs of the Pasifika students in our school with a view to raising their achievement. The Pasifika Education Plan 2013-2017 will form the basis of the learning and the focus will be to accelerate literacy and numeracy achievement. Our Pasifika learners, their parents, families and the community will be at the centre of the activities to ensure that as a school we respond to the needs of this group.

Colleen Randell

Waingaro School
To refresh and develop my teaching practices by visiting a range of primary schools in the Waikato/Bay of Plenty area to observe and discuss programmes with other teachers who create a self-learning environment in order to further lift student achievement.

Pamela Sanderson

Turaki School
To investigate effective oral language programmes being implemented in classrooms across all levels of primary education.

Lynne Shearman

Oromahoe School
Gain practical knowledge around two key areas, through researching into the actual practice of resource teachers: literacy: what is the best practice that will accelerate the literacy achievement of Māori and Pasifika students and how can we do this through working with their teachers?

Gillian Simons

Poukawa School
To investigate how to raise student achievement in writing especially with boys and Māori.

Wayne Southgate

Henderson Intermediate
To undertake further studies and complete a Post Grad Certificate in Digital and Collaborative Learning. To build further knowledge of digital technologies and contemporary teaching methodologies to enhance my practical teaching and planning skills to deliver future-oriented education.

Carol Storey

Tauranga Intermediate
I propose to investigate the use of musical instruments (including voice) and traditional instruments (taongapuoro) by Māori students in mainstream and Kura Kaupapa Māori schools. To explore the use of waiata in mainstream and Kura Kaupapa Māori schools.

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Jane Tambisari 

Tahunanui School
To investigate the feasibility of establishing a network of schools currently working as Health Promoting Schools in the Nelson region.

Jacqueline Tangata

Andersons Bay School
To investigate how Tikanga Māori and Te Reo Māori programmes are planned and implemented as part of the teaching and learning in mainstream schools.

Rosalind Thompson

Wairakei School
To address the broad research question "How can teachers help boys become fluent, competent and confident writers?"

Claire Tocher

Te Aro School
To explore how community funded projects work in partnerships with schools to engage children in science and cater for their diverse learning needs.

Cheryl Torrie

Awapuni School (Gisborne)
To investigate how assistive technologies are currently being used to support students with Dyslexia and how this improves engagement and motivation and raises achievement.

Judith Urry

Crofton Downs Primary School
Inquire into the teaching and learning of phonological awareness in order to accelerate literacy learning in reading and writing especially in the first year of schooling.

Yasmin Waltham

Gate Pa School
Investigate current transitioning practices between ECE centres and Primary Schools, with a desire to improve the effectiveness of transitioning into Gate Pa School. This learning activity has a focus on student development and supporting the learning needs of Māori and Pasifika 4-5 year olds.

Lynette White

Parkland School (P North)
To inquire into best practice in relation to working with and managing children with challenging behaviours as a way to create a positive impact on the culture of our school where relationships are paramount.

Sally Whitmore

Lucknow School
An investigation into the learning needs of Māori students in the context of a Pakeha dominant school.

Judith Woodham

Miller Avenue School
To investigate if literacy achievement levels for Māori and Pasifika boys can be improved through the use of graphic novels to increase engagement levels and participation in literacy tasks.

Judith Woods

Te Kuiti Primary School
To investigate the Building Blocks for Literacy programmes to decipher if it has the potential/capacity to improve learning outcomes for our most vulnerable students.

Tony Wyatt

Blockhouse Bay Intermediate
I am planning to complete professional learning in the implementation of the New Zealand curriculum and teaching and learning in the classroom. I will investigate learning for sustainability, which has been identified by the Ministry of Education in the NZ Curriculum as a part of the future focus principle and ecological sustainability, a value in the curriculum that is encouraged to be modelled and explored. To accomplish this, I will investigate the Enviroschools Kit and the teaching and learning of this resource in areas of science, social studies and literacy.

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