2016 Sabbatical Reports - Secondary Teachers

The following is a list of Secondary Teacher Sabbatical recipients for 2016. The list is sorted by surname, and you can click on the index below to assist you. If a recipient has published their report online, a link will be added below, as it becomes available. 

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Neil Anderson 

Nelson College
Research in the area of the benefits of, and how to have a positive long term relationship. Then to present the material in a year ten Sexuality module.

You can read Neil's report by clicking here.

Sandra Ashenden

Carmel College
Research the pedagogy of Modern Learning Practices in the classrooms, visit schools where this pedagogy is being practised and consider how possible changes could be made to improve the learning of students at Carmel College.

Shane Blake

Otumoetai College
Aim to undertake professional learning in the field of student "assessment and its impact on student outcomes", specifically in the subject of Physical Education and Health.

Charles Bradley

Glenfield College
The professional learning activity covered in this application relates to the twin fields of curriculum design and to that involving personal research of subject content knowledge. Both concern the development of resource material to be used by senior visual arts students to better enable them to explore visual pathways in the development of their own work in the field of painting.

Gordon Bruce

Massey High School
To improve the risk management of EOTC activities at Massey High School so that staff feel more confident in planning and implementing these activities.

Graeme Coleman

Motueka High School
Investigate and develop a teaching resource package on dimensions of sustainability in small-medium sized tourism enterprises, in the context of contributing to responsible tourism.

Urmela Daji

Mt Roskill Grammar
Investigate the learning needs of Māori and Pasifika student in English, particularly at schools that have high success rates with their Māori and Pasifika clientele. To focus on creating a model unity that will be designed to meet the specific needs of the students.

Wendy Davidson

Matamata College
Investigate Community Consultation for the Health Education Program, incorporating more student voice into the program and being mindful of diverse student viewpoints.

Christine Downs

Onehunga High School
Study of local businesses to expand knowledge of current accounting practices in the "real world" and to develop resources to be used in and out of the classroom to enhance students engagement and improve academic achievement.

Ruth Elmey

Nelson College for Girls
Literature review of current and recent knowledge of effective pedagogy and its place in a digital teaching and learning environment. Reflection on what I have observed as teachers incorporate BYOD into their classrooms.

Linda Foley

Hawera High School
Investigate the challenges and responses related to curriculum design for schools in towns where there is only one secondary school. Look at how the learning needs of the diverse range of students are catered for.

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Stephen Garland 

Shirley Boys' High School
Investigate student behaviour in the Modern Learning Environment. In particular, interested in classroom management strategies that control student behaviour in the modern learning environment.

Mary Gentle

Te Puke High School
Developing a resource to share with other music teachers. Investigate ways of delivering music standards in an integrated learning situation.

James Green

Mt Roskill Grammar
Research current Calculus scholarship resources available to students and teachers on websites and in publications. Build on the resources available particularly for the scholarship topics of Conics and Trigonometry.

Susan Green

Lynfield College
Undertake research into computer studies with special reference to, learning Python, creating resources, preparing a unit plan, writing a manual for Level 1 students on using "Python" to program a computer.

Jonathan Hasler

Auckland Grammar
Research in the History subject area on the impact of WW1 (and WW2 if time allows) on New Zealand Society, with specific reference to "Auckland Grammar School at War".

Mark Hayward

Geraldine High School
Review and possible redesign of the timetable and programmes offered to incorporate and make use of Vocational Pathways information. Learn more about how other schools are using Vocational Pathways so as to be able to bring up to date and relevant information to our context and change making process.

William Hooper

St Bedes College
Look at and gather information on the application of career education benchmarks within selected secondary school in Christchurch.

Penelope Kinsella

Onslow College
Travel to other schools in New Zealand that are using the Student Management System (SMS) effectively for student input and spending time in the main contributing school to investigate the teaching and learning systems, specifically around information technologies and e-portfolios relating to the purpose of learning and being used to exemplify and illustrate progress over time.

Corinne Kofoed

Takapuna Grammar School
Investigate best practice pedagogy and teaching strategies in Economics classrooms of International Baccalaureate schools in order to enhance personal and departmental teaching of Economics.

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Giles Lancaster 

Marlborough Boys' College
Involve working with COMPETNZ, specifically Tools4Work, to share these resources and assessments via N4L Pond and a website accessible to all teachers and students using COMPETNZ unit standards and Youth Guarantee Employment Pathways.

Diana Leonard

Taieri College
Observe and record anecdotal evidence of staff and student well being - physical, mental and emotional, social and spiritual well being of people across school in a variety of societies. Explore how political, cultural, and economic determinants influence well being in educational settings.

Tautiamama Levi

James Cook High School
Investigation of the learning needs of Pasifika students in Mathematics, focusing on Samoan students in New Zealand and in Samoa. Explore factors behind limited achievement levels of many Samoan students in Mathematics, through observation, survey, focus group and interview of students and teachers.

Leigh Lidstone

St Patrick's College (Kilbirnie)
Investigation of other teaching and learning systems. Visit a range of schools and sports academies to investigate their use of ICT, particularly web based apps for the implementation of Physical Education (PE).

Alison MacDonald

Waimea College
Complete two self-paced online courses through Yoobee ACG School of Design. The courses are: HTML and CSS Beyond the Basics and Photoshop Beyond the Basics. Also have the opportunity to gain practical hands on experience with a local printing company with "The Copy Press".

Beverley McDonnell

Gisborne Girls' High School
Investigate the language strengths and needs of students who are First Language Māori Speakers and to identify strategies to strengthen the learning of those children when they enter the subject of English and the demands of the English curriculum at Secondary level. Produce a resource outlining those learning strengths and needs and suggest teaching strategies which support their learning.

Bryan Megson

Kelston Boys' High School
With BYOD being trialled at our school in year 9 in 2016, investigation into what other schools are doing with BYOD in commerce and incorporate these ideas into resources, schemes and an ICT plan.

Stephen Mitchell

Onslow College
Review of relevant research on raising student literacy levels and create differentiated resources for teachers and student to raise student literacy.

Jan Neal

Te Puke High School
Review and reflect on programmes to ensure successful transition of students into tertiary education. Research will involve surveying recent school leavers, tertiary providers, and employees with a view of improving the curriculum to meet their needs.

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Mark Paton 

Auckland Grammar
The preparation and writing of a guidebook on the planning, organization and operation of overseas school tours.

Gail Reid

Hastings Girls' High School
Investigate the impact of digital devices on student ability to gain literacy. In order to ascertain whether this is advantageous for student learning outcomes direct observation as opposed to data analysis will be conducted.

Jill Ridden

Aurora College
Personal study of adult learning and teacher efficacy. To investigate how using adult learning principles influence teacher efficacy in the context of working through the RTLB pathway.

John Scott

One Tree Hill College
Personal Action Research Project of upskilling piano accompaniment practice and performance for enhancing quality musical outcomes in school and community. Will also provide future ongoing development of related pedagogical style and student learning in piano accompaniment and performances.

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Christina Thomas 

Havelock North High School
Collect resources and develop a programme for learning support students, to enable them to meet the requirements for functional literacy.

Robyn Thompson

Ellesmere College
Investigate learning programmes that foster the engagement and motivation of ethnic groups. This will entail visiting a variety of schools both in NZ and abroad, investigating current programmes that aim to encourage success for at-risk students. Then to develop a plan that links to our school strategic goal of developing a Māori Achievement Action plan.

Ashley Towe

Long Bay College
Investigate way in which international students can best be integrated into secondary schools.

Jan Winsley

Hastings Girls' High School
Develop a teaching and learning program for Year 12 non academic mathematics and statistics students at Hastings Girls High School. Course will aim for all students to achieve UE numeracy, to incorporate financial literacy standards at level two NCEA in the course, for students to achieve enjoyment and success in mathematics and statistics learning.

Lynden Winter

Mountainview High School
Investigation into timetable structures and the effects on a school's curriculum delivery in schools that are in a continuous falling roll situation. Investigate curriculum design and a probable investigation of other teaching and learning systems and look for examples of innovative practice.

Sandra Wyber

Marlborough Girls' College
Investigation into the teaching and learning systems of BYOD/non BYOD and the benefits to the learning of students. Investigation into whether the current BYOD programme meets the learning needs of Priority Learners more effectively than the non BYOD programmes at MGC. A literature review into the benefits of BYOD as it relates to Priority Learners.

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