2019 Sabbatical Reports - Area Teachers


The following is a list of Area Teacher Sabbatical recipients by surname for 2019. 

If a recipient has published their report online, a link will be added below, as it becomes available.

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Nicole Bailey

Middleton Grange School

To extend the NCEA learning opportunities for our Pasifika students, and ultimately their participation and overall achievement, by introducing Pacific Studies unit standards at our school.

Jonathan Hanlon

Collingwood Area School

To study into the acquisition and retention of Basic Facts and Number Sense in Mathematics, by carrying out interviews in Aotearoa and overseas, as well as completing an online course.

Jennifer Harvey

KingsWay School

To investigate how schools with Innovative Learning Environments (ILE's) are responsive in their approach to meeting the needs of students with diverse learning needs, with a particular focus on students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Jeremy Hill

Tauraroa Area School

To investigate how rural Area Schools can better facilitate the transition of students into primary industries and trades, and how that unique position might become an advantage for school leavers.

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Alison Holden

Twizel Area School

To undertake professional learning activities about the learning needs of diverse students, by looking at the relationship between pedagogy and students' learning.

Karen Johansen

Mercury Bay Area School

To investigate the latest research, evidence-informed practice, as well as innovation and approaches for learning that is taking place for students on the autism spectrum.

Anna Lombaard

KingsWay School

Observe and reflect on how other leaders, schools and learning institutions purposely engage in professional learning for teaching and non-teaching staff.

Anne-Maree McDougall

Mercury Bay Area School

How can we develop and use our 'local curriculum' to help grow a sense of kaitiakitanga in our school community?

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Sara McTavish

Lawrence Area School

To investigate teaching and learning in other settings outside LAS that could enhance pedagogy and student learning as we move into a Modern Learning Environment. 

Andrew O'Neill

Middleton Grange School

To further investigate the principles behind Attachment-Based Developmental theory, in regards to how it can be aligned within the classroom environment.

Michael Smith

Mercury Bay Area School

Produce a document that outlines the protocols, procedures and guidelines for schools using DOC camps for EOTC purposes and create the programme for Area School students to complete NZ Certificate in Apiculture.

Tipalelupe Toatasi Tu'ua

Southern Cross Campus

To write resources for our Samoan Language NCEA levels and our junior levels (9-13).

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