Learning Support

Learning support in school throughout New Zealand is available for:

  • children with physical and/or intellectual impairments
  • children with hearing or vision difficulties
  • for children who struggle with learning, communicating, or getting along with others
  • children who have emotional or behavioural difficulties.

New Zealand strives to have an inclusive education system where all children  and young people are supported to progress and learn in their local schools. Our goal is to have a highly skilled teacher workforce who can work with children who have a diverse range of needs.

There is a network of specialist learning support provision in New Zealand that includes a number of specialist schools. You can find out more information about this here.

The Ministry of Education and specialist schools provide specialist advice, guidance and support services to ensure children and young people can access  the school curriculum  and progress and learn at school.  A range of Resource Teachers also provide support to schools to enable students to learn.

For more information about the range of support available please visit this page.

In New Zealand teachers providing learning  support may have completed post graduate study in specialist areas of disability and learning support. The Ministry of Education provides a range of post graduate  study  awards in areas of learning support

Specialist schools and the Ministry of Education employ speech-language therapists, educational psychologists , physiotherapy and  occupational therapists . Applicants for these positions must be eligible for professional registration in their specialist field.

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