Getting financial support to train as a teacher

TeachNZ scholarships 

TeachNZ offers scholarships to ensure we have the right number of teachers in the areas where they are needed most. TeachNZ scholarships are offered for study before each academic year. Opportunities change depending on need.

What will it cost me to study?

Once you’ve chosen a course, contact the tertiary provider of your choice. They'll be able to give you more information about their qualifications, entry criteria, application forms and study dates.

Cost is an important factor when you are considering your study options. The costs of study will vary depending on your choice of teaching qualification. They'll also differ between undergraduate programmes and graduate programmes. If you study part-time, your fees will be a proportion of the full-time fees.

Most tertiary providers have detailed information about course fees and other costs on their websites.

When considering the costs of studying, don't forget to include other items such as textbooks, materials and travel in your calculations.

Getting financial help

Government financial support for students, including the Student Allowance and Student Loan Schemes, is available through StudyLink, which is administered by the Ministry of Social Development. Call StudyLink free on 0800 88 99 00 or visit

If you are studying for the first time, you may qualify for the Fees Free programme. You can check your eligibility here.

Other help

Generosity New Zealand lists information on scholarships, awards and grants available for people looking to fund their study and professional development. It is a subscription based platform, so you will need to check if your school, tertiary provider or council library has subscribed before you can access the information.

Here's some more information about other education scholarships, awards and financial help from the Ministry of Education and other providers.

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