Accepting a Scholarship

In accepting a scholarship you agree to the following:

Payment Disclaimer:

If you do not complete your study or bond period you will be held liable for the repayment of fees and allowance payments you received from your TeachNZ scholarship.

Course fees and Allowances

Course fees are the compulsory fees charged by the tertiary provider for each paper in which you are enrolled in for your approved teaching qualification. ‘Course fees’ do not include course-related costs such as stationery, books, computer equipment, or travel.

An allowance is money in to your own pocket in contrast to course fees going to the provider for the course that you are undertaking. The schedule for payment of allowances varies depending on the scholarship you receive but to be eligible you must:

  • be studying full time (or have limited full-time status from StudyLink)
  • pass all your papers you are enrolled in (Kupe Applicants – you must maintain a B+ or above grade average).

Payments are managed by Studylink on behalf of the Scholarships and Awards team. When you receive a scholarship, StudyLink confirms with your tertiary provider that you are enrolled. StudyLink then pays your course fees directly to your tertiary provider.


If you receive a TeachNZ Scholarship, to pay back public funding, you are required to teach in a New Zealand state or state-integrated schools for a stipulated time after you graduate. This is what we call a ‘bond period.’ Typically, a bond period is two years for every year a scholarship is received. If your application is successful we will send you the Terms and Conditions of the Scholarship Agreement, which will outline your bond period and further information.

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