Application Assessment

When we receive applications, we will check them to ensure they meet all eligibility criteria. A selection panel made up of education experts will then assess your application on the following:

  • Your ability to communicate effectively and your motivations to teach
  • Your passion
  • Your experience leading and working with people particularly youth
  • Your experience sharing your expertise in your community
  • Your current qualifications
  • Your experiences working in teaching roles in a school or community initiatives
  • Your other life experience
  • Your cultural competency
  • Working and building effective relationships with Māori and Pacific communities
  • Your ability and commitment to recognise the importance of achieving correct pronunciation of these community languages, and a strong desire to improve existing levels of proficiency
  • Support of your application through references
  • How much your application aligns to the TeachNZ Scholarship Programme’s aims and Teacher Supply demands

In addition to this, applicants for both Te Waka Whakarei Career Changer and Te Tipu Whakarito scholarships will be assessed on the overall proficiency in te reo Māori as presented in their application and Kupe applicants on their Academic success and personal achievement.

Need more help?

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