Document Checklist

In order for a scholarship application to be deemed ‘complete’ you must have:

  • Completed all sections on the application form
  • Attached a detailed CV with your work history, voluntary work, and qualifications
  • Evidence of your current employment
  • Completed your Video component.


  • Proof of name and date of birth
  • Proof of change of name (if applicable)
  • Proof of residency status (if applicable)
  • Proof of your highest qualification.

Applications that are not supported by the correct documents will be considered incomplete. In this instance, a member of the TeachNZ team will contact you to make you aware of this. If you do not supply the correct documentation before the ‘Additional/missing documents date’ your application will be ineligible and not be assessed.

What are Certified Copies?

Certified copies are A4-size photocopies that have been stamped and signed on every page and endorsed as a true copy of the original. Any one of the following people can certify a photocopy:

  • School Principal
  • Registrar of a tertiary provider
  • District Court Registrar or Deputy Registrar
  • Barrister and Solicitor
  • Justice of the Peace (you can find a list of local Justices of the Peace in the Yellow Pages).
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