Job Seeking for Graduates

Finding a teaching position

Getting the first teaching position can be a challenge for new graduates. Here’s some helpful information for new graduates when seeking their first position.

Information about the application process is set out in stages below. Click on each heading below to read more about that part of the process. It's important to remember that there are a number of pathways to finding your first teaching position. There are many steps you can take to improve your chances of finding a position – so keep trying and be flexible in your approach to winning a job!

This information is provided as part of the Ministry of Education's JobFind Assistance Programme for newly graduated teachers.

You can read about recent graduates and their successes with the aid of the JobFind Assistance Programme:

  • Click here to read Christiane's story, primary teacher
  • Click here to read Siosi’ana’s story, secondary teacher
  • Click here to read Jenna's story, primary teacher

Learn more about how Education Personnel can help you by clicking here. For further information and advice call Education Personnel on 04 387 9988 or email

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Useful links

For more education resources, you can also visit:

Education Gazette: all vacancies are advertised in the official New Zealand Education Gazette publication – there is a search engine which makes it possible to search by subject and geographic region (and you can subscribe to be notified of vacancies meeting your criteria).

Ministry of Education: the Ministry of Education's website has a wealth of information on New Zealand's education system.

Te Kete Ipurangi: the online knowledge basket is New Zealand's bilingual education portal. It provides a wealth of information, resources, and curriculum materials to enhance teaching and learning, raise student achievement, and advance professional development for teaching staff and school managers.

Education Review Office: the ERO reviews all schools and early childhood services in New Zealand within a specified period and is a useful reference for New Zealand schools’ and services' performances.

Education Counts: an online tool with information about education statistics and research in New Zealand. Search for a particular school in NZ, and be presented with its profile, contact details, student popluation etc.

Education Counts: Māori Medium Schools directory.

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