Christiane's Story

Christiane is a newly graduated Māori primary teacher who has won her first teaching position. She has been working with Gill from Education Personnel on the JobFind Assistance Programme. Prior to working on the programme Christiane had over 50 unsuccessful applications.

“I applied unsuccessfully for over 50 teaching positions before being accepted onto the JobFind Assistance Programme. I was so keen to get my first teaching position after graduating, so it was demoralising to have so many rejections without a hint of an interview. I was about to give up. Thankfully working with someone on the JobFind Assistance Programme helped me to regain confidence in my own ability. It helped me to recognise my strengths again and focus on what I had to offer schools. I am so glad now that I did not give up.

“The key things I learnt through this journey and from the JobFind Assistance Programme is that it is really important to be proactive in the job seeking process – just sending out a lot of CVs was not enough. For example, if a school has a vacancy, it is worthwhile making an appointment to meet with one of the management staff or relevant syndicate leader. They were keen to talk with me about the role and answer any questions, plus then they know who you are when your application arrives. I learnt that you need to know what your skills and strengths are and focus on them in your CV, application letter and any meetings. I also learnt that when schools are receiving many applications for one position a CV with a difference is likely to make a difference. Going through an Agency helped too, as it means the schools know you have been vetted and you are a strong contender to start with.

“Looking back, the crucial factor was to stay positive and to keep trying - having someone to help you do this, particularly when you're struggling to stay confident, was key. Plus having someone to help you pick out your strengths to focus on was also very beneficial.”   Christiane Turnbull, Primary Teacher

Christiane has done so well in her long-term relief role that her school has now appointed her to a permanent position there.


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