The Interview

A successful interview

The key to a successful interview is being prepared and being yourself. Being prepared will help you to feel more knowledgeable, less nervous and more confident before and during their interview. It’s important to be yourself and answer questions honestly as this ensures you get a school that’s the right fit for you.

Preparing for the interview

It can help too if you can show you’ve done research in the interview – little extras like this can make the difference between similarly qualified candidates.

Preparing for and thinking through answers for likely interview questions can assist you greatly. Many interviews now include an interviewing method called Behavioural-based Interviewing. This is interviewing based on discovering how you acted in previous specific employment-related situations. The logic is that how you behaved in the past will predict how you’ll behave in the future. The interviewer will want to know how you handled a situation, instead of what you might do in the future. Behavioural interview questions will be more pointed, more probing and more specific than traditional interview questions.

In a traditional interview, you will be asked questions which typically have straightforward answers like “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” or “Describe your teaching style.”

These are examples of potential traditional, and behavioural-based, interview questions:

  • How do your previous placements/work experience demonstrate your suitability for this job.
  • What can you offer this role?
  • What are your strengths that demonstrate your competency for this role?
  • Tell us about your management style, in particular how you manage disruptive students.
  • Tell us about a time when you were under a lot of pressure and how you dealt with this.
  • Tell us about a time when you've had a disagreement with another team member and how you dealt with this.

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