Allowances and Benefits

A range of allowances and benefits are available for overseas teachers provided they meet the criteria.

Overseas Relocation Grant

If you’re a New Zealand-trained teacher living overseas, you could be eligible for a relocation grant of up to $7,000. Overseas-trained teachers could be eligible for a relocation grant of up to $5,000.

To find out more about the Overseas Relocation Grant, click here.

Overseas teacher time allowance

State and integrated schools appointing an experienced overseas teacher to their first full-time entitlement teaching position in New Zealand will be eligible for additional staffing support of 0.1 Full Time Teaching Equivalent (FTTE) for a maximum of 10 weeks. This means that the school will get the equivalent of one week’s relief funding to release the teacher and/or induction staff from their classrooms.

The allowance begins at week one of the teacher’s appointment and assists schools to provide an induction programme for the teacher. Use of this time should be planned with input from the teacher. Teachers coming to positions should discuss induction and use of the allowance with their new principal before they arrive to ensure that full use is made of it.

The allowance is available from the date employment commences and is on a ‘use it or lose it’ basis. It cannot be backdated.

Applications must be made by the school within eight weeks of the teacher’s arrival in New Zealand. A copy of the teacher’s NZQA International Qualification Assessment (IQA) must be submitted with the application form. For more details on the IQA visit the NZQA website

Beginning teacher time allowance

If an overseas trained teacher with less than a year’s teaching experience is appointed to a New Zealand school, they are entitled to 0.2 FTTE (full-time teaching equivalents) support time for a full-time position, and 0.1 FTTE support time for a 0.5 – 0.99 FTTE position. The allowance is available for a maximum of 12 months.

Please note: An overseas teacher can only claim one of the above allowances. 

Retirement schemes

KiwiSaver is the only retirement savings scheme open to new state sector employees (this includes teachers) as at 1 October 2008.

Note: there is no compulsory retirement age in New Zealand for teachers.

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