Qualifications and Registration

There are a few things you’ll need to know about the qualifications and registration process:

  • Overseas-trained teachers must have their qualifications assessed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and also gain registration through the Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand. It is illegal to teach in a New Zealand school unregistered for more than twenty half-days. The NZQA application is online, and the Education Council application form is TC0 which you can download from www.educationcouncil.org.nz.
  • You’ll also require a police clearance from any overseas country (i.e. a country outside of New Zealand) where you have lived for 12 months or more in the last 10 years. (It is much easier to gain a police clearance before coming to New Zealand. If you apply for it from New Zealand, you may experience considerable delays). Full details are set out in the guide attached to the Education Council application form TC0 mentioned above.
  • For pay purposes, you’ll need a statement of service printed on the official letterhead of the employing Authority, stating the time for which you have been employed as a teacher. This should state the exact starting and finishing dates and also that the service was full time and continuous. If the service was not continuous, the exact number of days employed must be shown.
  • Special conditions apply to teachers who hold current registration with any Australian state (apart from New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory). These teachers are eligible to be considered for registration under the provisions of the TransTasman Recognition Act. Find out more by contacting the Education Council.
  • Teachers who have qualified teacher status (QTS) gained through ‘training on the job’ programmes in the United Kingdom, such as a the Graduate Teachers Programme (GTP), need to be aware that NZQA does not equate that to the graduate diploma of teaching which is the teaching qualification for graduate teachers in New Zealand. A number of USA training options are also affected in this way. There are alternate ways by which many such teachers can gain registration if they have teaching experience. There are, however, salary implications if you were registered before February 2007. If you hold QTS, click here to visit the Education Council to find out more as it is essential to complete the registration process before you come to New Zealand.
  • Teachers in New Zealand must be registered to be able to teach in the school system for longer than 10 days. The only way an untrained teacher can gain registration status is with ‘Limited Authority to Teach’ (LAT). This is a short-term status for which a school can apply, on behalf of an untrained teacher, if they cannot recruit a trained teacher. It is generally applied to a specialist skill that is hard to find, and would be paid on the untrained scale. Due to the low number of teachers retiring or leaving the profession, it is it likely LATs will be allocated less and less. You can find out more about LAT on the Education Council website by clicking here.


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