Qualifications and Registration

If you are a primary or secondary teacher and have been out of the classroom for some time, you may need retraining to bring yourself up-to-date with curriculum developments and other changes.

Retraining courses for school teachers are offered through a range of providers. Contact your nearest primary or secondary teacher education provider to discuss programmes they have planned.

The Minister of Education has decided to cease funding for the retraining of primary and secondary teachers for 2010 as the current fiscal environment has resulted in a consistent reduction to the number of teacher vacancies. There is no longer the need to continue funding this initiative. We envisage that providers may start charging students directly for retraining courses.

You may find it helpful to refer to the Ministry of Education website for further information. You could also visit Te Kete Ipurangi (TKI) – The Online Learning Centre. TKI is a bilingual portal and web community which provides quality-assured educational material for teachers, school managers, and the wider education community. It is an initiative of the Ministry of Education.

The TeachNZ website also contains helpful advice, including information about the Ministry of Education preferred recruitment agencies (their services are free to teachers).

Your registration status very much depends upon how long you’ve been out of the workforce. If you have been away from teaching for more than three years, you will need to apply for subject to confirmation registration. Check your status with the Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand.

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