Finding a teaching job

New Zealand needs well-qualified, dynamic, and enthusiastic teachers who enjoy working with young people. In New Zealand, schools and early childhood services are responsible for employing their own staff. There is no central staffing agency and no government department responsible for staff placement. All job applications should therefore be made directly to the employing school or early childhood service. 

While there are vacancies throughout the year, most vacancies occur between September and January for the new school year. The school year is made up of four 10-week terms, starting in early February. At present, there is high demand for Māori and Māori-speaking teachers and teachers from Pacific cultures across the whole schooling sector, and secondary teachers in the Sciences, Technology and Mathematics. 

All vacancies are advertised in the Education Gazette online. You can search by subject or geographic region, and you can subscribe to be notified of vacancies meeting your criteria. You can either apply directly to schools in response to advertised positions or use the services of a teacher recruitment agency.

There are also three JobFind Assistance programmes - one for beginning teachers, one for Māori and Pacific teachers and Te Reo speakers, and one for teachers returning to the profession. These involve extended one-on-one contact with an experienced recruitment consultant who will help you with your CV and applications for jobs, advise you on networking opportunities, identify barriers that may be holding you back, and identify your strengths and skills and how to market them.

In this section, you will also find information about other help available for teachers looking for jobs in New Zealand. If you have an overseas teaching qualification, check out the information on coming to New Zealand here.

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