BeTTER Jobs Programme

Last year the Ministry of Education launched a brokerage programme called the Beginning Teacher Vacancy Support (BTVS) scheme to assist beginning teachers find their first job at schools that were impacted by the Public Health Order.  We are expanding for beginning teacher (BeT) and those who have recently completed the Teacher Education Refresh (TER) modules, to form the BeTTER Jobs Programme. If you have completed your ITE or TER this year, you may qualify for financial support and payments towards your student loan. 

To be eligible, you need to have completed your Initial Teacher Education (ITE) Training in 2022, or you need to have completed a Teacher Education Refresh (TER) in 2022.   

  • If you completed your ITE in 2022, you are only eligible if this is your first position. 
  • If you completed your TER in 2022, you are only eligible if this is your first position since finishing the TER. 
Your job must be at a state or state integrated school/kura that was nominated by the regional leadership. The job must start in Term 1 and be more than 12 months in length. Teaching position may be in primary, intermediate, secondary, or area/composite school or kura in English or Māori Medium/Kaupapa Māori. 


Financial Support  

If you are appointed to an eligible vacancy on a one-year fixed term or ongoing contract, we will support you with the following:

A. $5,000 gross grant for the first year of teaching in an eligible school/kura. This grant will be available for a second year if you continue working at an eligible location. 

B. Eligibility to the voluntary bonding scheme (VBS), which repays a portion of your student loan if you remain in the eligible school/kura. If you do not have a student loan the sum is paid to you:

a. $10,500 in year 3

b. $3,500 in years 4 and 5


The programme will start in early October and will end on 6 April 2023. There is a limit of 130 positions available through BeTTER. The positions will be filled on a first come first serve.

Register here or email the team at If you have any questions.  

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