National Beginning Teacher Induction Grant

230 Induction Grants for schools that employ a Beginning Teacher for 12 months or more with the aim of lifting employment of new graduates from 80-90% (230 teachers).

This project allows beginning teachers’ undertake mentoring support by experienced teacher/s before taking on their own classes.

Schools could apply between 2 November and 16 November for the grant. The grants are currently being allocated.

The grants are awarded before employing a Beginning Teacher and payment of the grant will be made on receipt of the employment agreement confirming that the role is for a minimum of 12 months, and a tax invoice for $10,000.

A total of 230 grants will be available. This number has been calculated based on the number of estimated ITE graduates expected at the end of the 2018 year. Grants will be allocated in areas of high demand in the first instance. Of the 230 grants available, 150 of these are tagged for primary Schools and 80 are tagged for Secondary Schools.

Can my school apply for the national beginning teachers induction grant?

The National Beginning Induction Grant is open to all primary and secondary schools, however, priority weighting is given to:

  • Decile 1-4
  • Isolated Schools and/or other locations experiencing significant Teacher shortages
  • Māori Medium Kura
  • Shortage Subjects in Secondary School i.e., science, technology, engineering, mathematics and te Reo Māori

Participating Schools are expected to demonstrate by completing the short application form and one page mentoring plan:

  • that they are a state or state integrated school
  • a current or anticipated vacancy that will enable the beginning teacher to be employed for at least 12 months, and be in the classroom following the completion of their mentoring plan
  • that the school has the resources to support the beginning teacher through their mentoring plan and into their own classroom

Schools will apply for the grant before employing a Beginning Teacher and payment of the grant will be made on receipt of the employment agreement and a tax invoice of $10,000. This will be paid in a one off instalment.

Am I an eligible beginning teacher?

Participating beginning teachers must be:

  • a NZ citizen or permanent resident
  • a provisionally certified teacher
  • able to commit to teaching consistently for at least a year, in the school that recruits them
  • demonstrate they are not required to complete a Teacher Education Refresh programme within that timeframe
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