Area school awards, sabbaticals and grants

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Title of Award

Number of 2022 Awards available 

opening date*

closing date*

Outstanding document date

Notification date

Area School Teachers'
Study Awards (AT)


7 FTTE **



02/07/2021  13/09/2021 

Area School Teachers' 
Sabbaticals (ATS)




02/07/2021  13/09/2021 

Area School Teachers' 
Study Support Grants (ATG)

12 12/07/2021


22/09/2021 12/11/2021

Area School Principals' 
Sabbaticals (APS) 

10 full-time equivalent sabbaticals***



02/07/2021  13/09/2021 

Area School Principals’ Te Rau Titoki Leave (APSTRT)

10 full-time equivalent sabbaticals*** 30/04/2021 Closed 02/07/2021  13/09/2021



* These dates are indicative and may change 

** Full time teacher equivalent. This may result in more than 7 area teachers being awarded during one school year.

*** This may result in sabbaticals being awarded to more than 10 area principals during one school year. The number of APS and APSTRT awards available are under the same allocation. 

Overseas sabbaticals

As part of the Government’s response to COVID-19, New Zealand border entry measures have been put in place to minimise the risk of importing COVID-19 cases. At present, New Zealanders can undertake quarantine-free travel to Australia, and the Cook Islands. Travel to any other country is not available or would require periods of managed isolation.

Sabbatical proposals involving overseas travel (other than to Australia and the Cook Islands) during 2022 will not be accepted.

Postponing sabbaticals for reasons relating to COVID-19 travel restrictions will not be accepted.

If quarantine free travel to Australia and the Cook Islands is stopped, applicants whose sabbatical proposal includes travel to Australia or the Cook Islands will be given the option to find a domestic alternative for the purposes of their sabbatical leave.

Please keep in mind that the Ministry advises all travellers to be aware and consider what could happen in the event travel restrictions are announced. As with most things, it is important that any plans are transparent and mutually agreed by you and your principal / Board.

TeachNZ are only able to cover relief costs for the approved sabbatical period.

We're committed to supporting the professional development of teachers and principals. So we’ve put together a package of study awards, grants and sabbaticals to help you complete a qualification, take time off each week to study while teaching, move to another curriculum or subject area, or take time off to research a topic of interest. 


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