Reading Recovery tutor study award

The Reading Recovery Tutor Study Award provides teachers or people with relevant employment in the education sector with the opportunity to take paid leave to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Education at the University of Auckland. Recipients receive their normal salary from school while on study leave plus:

  • core compulsory tuition fees
  • a contribution towards travel, accommodation or relocation expenses, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria advised in the award guidelines.

Applications for the 2022 Reading Recovery Tutor study award are closed.

Notifications will be sent out on or before 1 October

How do I apply for a Reading Recovery Tutor Study Award?

Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria listed below and apply for selection to the Tutor Training course at National Reading Recovery at 

The study awards will be offered to the top four applicants ranked by National Reading Recovery who meet the eligibility criteria for a study award. National Reading Recovery will notify TeachNZ if you have been selected for a study award.

Am I eligible for a Reading Recovery Tutor Study Award?

If you wish to apply for a Reading Recovery Tutor Study Award, you must:

  • meet the entry requirements for the Postgraduate Diploma in Education at the University of Auckland
  • be employed in the New Zealand education sector
  • be a registered teacher
  • have at least three years’ teaching experience
  • have the support of your principal and board of trustees or employer
  • have not received a study award within the last five years from the Ministry of Education
  • apply to both The University of Auckland and National Reading Recovery to gain admission into the university and start the process to enrol into a Postgraduate Diploma in Education. Visit for more information.

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