2017 Sabbatical Reports - Area Teachers

The following is a list of Area Teacher Sabbatical recipients by surname for 2017. 

If a recipient has published their report online, a link will be added below, as it becomes available.

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Area Teacher Sabbatical Recipients and Reports by year:

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Bronwynne Beaven

Amuri Area School

Investigate learning practices that will increase engagement of, and provide for the needs of, all students in an inclusive Mathematics programme, across all levels in the area school setting.

Pieta Begley

Mercury Bay Area School     

Investigate teaching and learning which engages boys.

Carolyn Coles

Kingsway School                

Attend a language school in China to learn Mandarin and visit Chinese schools to better support Chinese students studying in New Zealand.

Stephen Crowther

Bethlehem College            

Undertake an investigation into the impact of the post-modernist world-view/philosophy, and it's impact on artistic practice, especially with regards to senior students in visual arts fields.

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Cassandra Down

Emmanuel Christian School

To study the conceptual foundations of the "Attachment-based Development Approach" to making sense of children in order to gain a deeper understanding of how they mature and learn.

Kate Edwards

Mercury Bay Area School

Investigate current practices and trends in teaching and learning in Mathematics and Statistics, in particular growth mindsets and mixed ability grouping.

Henare Gabel

Broadwood Area School

Improving participation and achievement by Māori and Pasifika students through the development of a resource document for teachers based on the theme of "Kaupapa waka".

Brendan Hamilton-Gibbs

Taikura Rudolf Steiner School

Investigate and explore the benefits of cooperative activities and games for year 5 - 8, particularly in mathematics. With the aim to encourage peer supported risk taking, help build resilience, and to meet the diverse learning styles and needs of the students.

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Hank Optland

Ponatahi Christian School   

Increase skills and knowledge in teaching aviation.

Shane Reade

Bethlehem College

The relationship between pedagogy and students' learning. Student development, behaviour or support and pedagogical knowledge or educational theory.

Max Ross

Mercury Bay Area School

Extend subject specific knowledge of data systems, databases and information systems in general by investigating the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and developing a resource or case study for all information technology teachers targeted at the underused achievement standard AS91632.

You can access the case study by clicking here, and the supporting resources by clicking here.

David Woodcock

Oxford Area School

Investigation into how to improve and modernise the delivery of the Technology Curriculum within the NZC. Extending and renewing technological knowledge of modern manufacturing techniques and how those modern practices should be reflected within the delivery of Technology in our schools.

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