2011 Sabbatical Reports - Secondary Teachers

The following is a list of Secondary Teacher Sabbatical recipients and reports for 2011. The list is sorted by surname, and you can click on the index below to assist you. If a recipient has published their report online, a link will be added below, as it becomes available. 

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Diane Bagshaw 

Havelock North High School
Research, develop and implement an up to date NCEA Level 3 Health Studies course including a teacher reference, student recourse book and student learning journal. Start work on the standards alignment of the new curriculum for secondary schools at Level 2/3.

Roy Ballantyne

Otumoetai College
To investigate the impact of the International Fee Paying students on Otumoetai College and its Community.

Jeffrey Bergman

Kaiapoi High School
To undertake a Certificate in English Language Teaching to adults.

Maree Buchanan

Central Southland College
To gain an insight into how Career Education programmes, initiatives and systems are working in a range of co-educational schools in New Zealand and how they might work at CSC.

Karen Carter

Waitakere College
Accompany husband to Washington to undergo training in preparation for him being installed as District Governor for 94 Lions Clubs.

Jo Chamberlain

Marlborough Girls' College
Inform educators on the various strategies and approaches teachers use that successfully engage/disengage students and lead to higher/lower academic performance.

Barbara Cleary

Napier Girls' High School
To identify a variety of professional learning activities ranging from resource acquisition and development.

Colleen Croft

Nelson College
To produce workbooks suitable for Lexia students to use at home to reinforce learning. The higher level workbooks could be used by other students in years 9-11.

Colin Dickson

Nayland College
To design a social action programme for years ten and twelve students to help the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary achieve its aims of restoring the bio-diversity of the reserve to its pre-european levels.

Paul Raymond Ferner

Mt Albert Grammar School
To explore how other school counselling departments record, analyse, interpret and report their client caseload. What do departments do with the resulting data analysis and what are schools doing to enhance student leadership in the school community?

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Alison Geursen 

Western Springs College
To develop a professional development plan, to be used with core curriculum teachers, that develops shared understandings about effective literacy teaching and learning.

Janet Grey

Taupo-nui-a-Tia College
Investigate the use of IT in relation to teaching and learning in the Social Science area and in particular in Geography and Social Studies.

Robert Hansen

Gisborne Boys' High School
To begin producing a set of high quality children's books.

Betty Louise Harrison

St Mary's College (Ponsonby)
Take a paper 'Contemporary Issues in Religious Education'. through the Australian Catholic University related to Religious Education. Focus on Religious and Cultural Diversity, in particular the growing plurality of cultures and religions in NZ.

Peter Haworth

Rathkeale College
To carry out personal research into the changes that have occurred/will occur in the subject of accounting and to carry out personal reading and research into the curriculum content of levels seven and eight economics.

Anna Heinz

Nelson College For Girls
To travel overseas and visit buildings and Artwork and to photograph the environment of the works.

Peter Holman

Tauranga Girls' College
To research Mathematics with Calculus to year 13 students and research the course and create PowerPoint presentations for each of the topics; Differentiation, Integration, Trigonometric Functions, Complex Numbers and Conics.

Colin Hughes

Trident High School
To take the following learning goals and investigate how councillors use the counselling process to help "students develop the ability to express their own values, explore with empathy the values of others, critically analysed values and actions based on those values, discuss disagreements that arise from difference in value and negotiate situation, make ethical decisions and act on them".

Gillian Hull

Nelson College For Girls
To investigate into the teaching and learning systems in Canada and to conduct personal research of subject content knowledge literacy for NESB students and assessment systems.

Bruce Hunter

Shirley Boys' High School
Research the percentage of students who continue to participate in sport after leaving secondary school and the influences affecting that decision.

John Huston

Aotea College
Provide NZ teachers with a comprehensive collection of annotated photographs and other resources on India that they can access from a website of existing national organisations for use in their teaching and learning.

Janis King

James Cook High School
Visit schools and education institutes to look at their Accounting programmes and teaching strategies to assist school based curriculum design. Assess how the new Accounting Achievement Standards and the Key Competencies and Values of the NZ Curriculum can be incorporated into teaching programmes.

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Suzanne Lynch 

Otago Girls' High School
Study and develop own personal confidence in and competence with using GIS resources. Create resources suitable for the New Curriculum Achievement standards that are GIS based.

Peter Mathias

Pukekohe High School
Undertake research to determine the most effective models for conducting professional development within the school.

Geraldine Anne McCarthy

St Peter's College (Palmerston North)
To investigate how teaching English as a second language courses can be improved to make teaching and leaning more effective.

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Philip Parry 

Havelock North High School
Develop a course for low academic ability students who are placed into NCEA achievement technology classes to address the issue of children who in years 9-10 have a support person with them and are then placed in a year 11 class with out assistance. Research methods to accommodate these students into an NCEA technology class.

Gary Patterson

Tauranga Boys' College
To produce a comprehensive resource on Tourism as a Cultural Process in an Overseas Setting for level 3 geography. To look at the development of tourism in Australia and how it has created concentrations of activities based on natural and cultural resources.

Anslie Ranson

Waiuku College
To investigate successful independent learning approaches being implemented in year 9-13 schools as well as innovative cross curricular courses that contribute significantly to student motivation, engagement and achievement and the possible adaption of these ideas into the curriculum at Waiuku College.

Paul Roberts

Hastings Girls' High School
Research global resources in particular those available via information technologies such as multi media suitable for the teaching and learning of mathematics in the 21st century.

Evan Simonsen

Havelock North High School
To carry out personal research into best practice language teaching that emphasises the development of conversation and oral communication skills.

Kathryn Summers

Central Southland College
How can Central Southland College effectively support the increasing number of Filipino students who will enter the college to integrate?

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Philip Tisdall 

Westlake Boys' High School
To observe and be involved with Unitech, AUT, and Manukau Technical Institute to look at industrial standards, assessment practices and practical skills obtained in their first year. To look at design programs, architectural programs, and follow the construction of a house over a six week period.

Adrian Henk van der Beek

Mt Maunganui College
How can 'Moodle' a learning management system allow for individual learning on or off site? To undertake the online 'Moodle' workshop and develop an online student survey looking at learning styles as well as pastoral issues.

Terence Wales

St Bedes College
To look at becoming a classroom tester for the High School POGIL Initiative, an extension of the original project specifically aimed at senior secondary students.

Timothy Walton

Havelock North High School
To prepare a practical introductory resource with which a teacher new to the subject could set up and run a drama department, effectively a starter kit for new drama teachers.

Peter Watt

St Peter's College (Epsom)
Investigate the instances of students of Maori descent choosing to not acknowledge their heritage and its importance in the provision of funding for Maori students at tertiary institutions, based on students enrolled at State - Integrated schools in the Auckland urban area.

James Whelan

Auckland Grammar
Travel to Turkey and Greece to collect data for the writing of a One Act play. The text would be designed for a NCEA level 1 of 2 cross-curricular audience.

Heather Willis

Central Hawkes Bay College
Research and investigate the implementation of Assessment for Learning practices in NZ Secondary Schools. Identify and research secondary schools in NZ that are successful using the assessment for learning model and collate examples of good practice.

Wayne Wooster

Karamu High School
To investigate the learning needs of Maori and Pasifika students and investigate student development and behaviour.

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