2014 Sabbatical Reports - Primary Teachers

The following is a list of Primary Teacher Sabbatical recipients for 2014. The list is sorted by surname, and you can click on the index below to assist you. If a recipient has published their report online, a link will be added below, as it becomes available. 

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Trish Amoroa 

Wanganui Intermediate
To investigate effective practice when working with Māori and Pasifika children by investigating how effective relationships are developed and maintained, managing behaviour, and the impact that these have on Māori and Pasifika children.

Stephen Archibald

Mangonui School
To learn more about the relationship between achieving success in the core subjects, whilst developing physical and social skills.

Maureen Ball

Mangatangi School
Investigate The Teacher's Tool Box for Real Spelling to address the problem of traditional spelling instruction which does not provide the knowledge base necessary to understand spelling patterns correctly or teach students how to discover them.

Jenny Bean

David Street School
To investigate and research how inclusive schools through their kaupapa develop confident and capable teachers ready to meet the needs of all students.

Janette Breckon

St Joseph's School (Upper Hutt)
Investigate ways in which Māori and Pasifika achievement in reading can be improved in students Years 4 to 6.

Ailsa Brough

Whangaparaoa School (Auckland)
Produce a range of literacy, numeracy and Te Reo resources to support students achieving below the National Standard.

Shona Burrough

Havelock North Primary School
Raising student achievement in mathematics - investigating theories around teaching number through the context of other strands in maths.

Rose Buxton

Sacred Heart School (Waikiwi)
To continue to develop best practice in the teaching of Literacy, in particular writing across the curriculum Levels 1-3 and in line with the school target, that supports an increase in teacher capability and improvement of student outcomes.

Sue Cameron

Orakei School
Review both national and international literature to investigate classroom based intervention (namely the Incredible Years Teacher programme) designed to reduce conduct problems and promote students pro-social behaviour by strengthening teachers management strategies. Also investigate what barriers contribute to teachers being able to achieve their classroom based interventions, and visit schools within the cluster to review their success level with the programme.

Petra Carruthers

Hampden Street School
To investigate how best practice pedagogy through cultural inclusion in New Zealand improves student outcomes, including effective learning, authentic contexts, and engagement.

Lance Coker

Mangawhai Beach School
Study Taiaha movements and various Haka along with the meaning, historical background and protocol.

Anna Crowley

Merrilands School
To investigate ways to further support high needs students to successfully achieve goals prioritised for their individualised needs in a mainstream classroom.

Rosalyn Dakin

James Street School
Investigate student voice in mathematics and the impact it has on students' mathematical understanding.

Paul Davis

West End School (Palmerston North)
To improve his skills and knowledge in increasing the educational outcomes for boys, specifically Māori and Pasifika, and those of low socio-economic backgrounds.

Delwyn Day

Glen Eden School
Investigate the management of disruptive behaviour in low decile primary schools to ascertain whether disruptive behaviours are directly linked to children who are identified as having behavioural and/or academic special needs in the school.

Sharyn Douglas

Cambridge School
Investigate how to integrate the teacher inquiry model into the classroom programme as an on-going tool within the classroom curriculum.

Mandy Forsyth

Waihi Beach School
To conduct an investigation into the use of a literacy programme named "Daily 5" to foster independent literacy behaviours.

Chris Foster

Oromahoe School
To undertake research into schools and classes that have successfully blended alternative educational philosophies with the current New Zealand National Curriculum, with particular focus on Steiner pedagogy and thinking.

Julia France

George Street Normal School
To investigate and develop effective interventions for diverse students at risk of literary difficulties.

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Karyn Giles 

Ashhurst School
Investigate student voice within various school settings to see what impact it has on students and how it can be used for authentic reporting to inform decision within the school setting.

Wendy Grace

Bayfield School
To investigate how schools with a low percentage of Māori and Pasifika students use their appraisal systems to ensure valued outcomes for Māori and Pasifika learners.

Jillian Gray

Mornington School
To investigate and document the issues that children experience when transitioning from early childhood centres to school, and by better understanding these, make improvements to the effectiveness of existing junior school programmes.

You can view Jillian's completed report by clicking here.

Sarah Gregory

Franz Josef Glacier School
Investigate and research how rural/small schools are using tablets to engage students throughout the curriculum and the positive and negative impacts they are creating in education.

Wendy Hancock

Enner Glynn School
To enquire into the link between participation in fundamental skills programmes and student achievement for our target students.

Joanne Henderson

George Street Normal School
To investigate and reflect on research on literacy difficulties experienced by children, focusing on investigating best practice in order to accelerate the literacy progress of children who are struggling to meet National Standards, especially in the first few years of schooling.

You can view Joanne's completed report by clicking here.

Helen Jenkins

Stratford School
To undertake a collaborative action research project on the impact of visual memory and visualisation on literacy learning for students, and together develop ways of addressing needs in this area for teachers and learners.

Karen Kerr

Umawera School
Research student learning in a variety of schools that use the Reggio Emilia Philosophy to develop a programme using the Reggio pedagogy to enhance students' learning.

Linda King

Allenvale Special School & Res. Centre
To further knowledge of the Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (CLDD) research project; to see best practice in the implementation of key findings; and to explore specific components of the research relating directly to our population of learners at Allenvale.

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Margaret Lange 

Opua School
To reassess Opua School's Year 7 & 8 teaching programme to ensure that students are fully equipped to experience a successful transition to High School.

Pat Loft

Pukenui School (Te Kuiti)
Investigate the effective library practices of selected schools in New Zealand and the United States to support development of the school library into the learning hub of the school.

Megan McArthur

Arahunga School
To research considerations, strategies, and adaptations for teaching and assessing early reading skills to non-verbal students and students with significant physical disabilities; then to produce a summary of research as a tool for teachers and support staff to help them to select suitable strategies and adaptations for use with these students.

Sharyn Merry

Firth School
To research and investigate effective classroom practices, strategies, and approaches, to support students experiencing writing difficulties, with a view to compiling a practical resource for use with teachers in the local Resource Teacher: Literacy cluster.

Marilyn Miller

Takaro School
To identify ways children could participate as Kaitiaki of the local environment using realistic and practical settings to contribute to the restoration process of the Manawatu River.

Suzanne Nilsson

Banks Avenue School
To investigate the Nature of Science strand of the Learning Area of Science in the NZ Curriculum, including how this strand relates to the Directions for Learning, and supports Inquiry Learning; to investigate how the Nature of Science strand is used in the community in real life contexts.

Teresa O'Grady

Holy Cross School (Papatoetoe)
To further develop and increase professional knowledge and pedagogy with specific aim of better understanding how Pasifika students' engagement contributes to their achievement in school.

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Michelle Pearce 

Ashhurst School
Investigate ‘the Daily 5’ structure to become a more effective Literacy teaching practitioner of Year 7 & 8 students and ensure the effective implementation of this programme throughout the school.

You can view Michelle's completed report by clicking here.

Jan Reid

Glen Eden School
To investigate ways that teachers and parents can enrich the oral language and extend our children's vocabulary in order to lift their literacy achievement during their first year at school.

Julie Rogers

Maungatapu School
To research effective ways to transition children from kindergarten/preschool/home life to school life, in order to improve student learning.

Diane Rose

Motueka South School
To improve understanding of pedagogical practices which influence learning outcomes for Pasifika students in three schools in our Nelson RTLB Cluster.

Tracey Schumacher

Mangatawhiri School
Research effective ways to teach students how to become creators of digital content rather than consumers, as well as researching ways of managing and sharing this content digitally with parents as part of the schools’ reporting process.

Dinah Shearer

Henley School (Nelson)
Investigate effective pedagogy surrounding the School Entry Assessment for New Entrants to support priority learners who are underachieving in oral language.

Kaye Shewry

Fitzroy School
To undertake a collaborative action research project on the impact of visual memory and visualisation on literacy learning for students, and together develop and trial ways of addressing needs in this area for teachers and learners.

Pamela Stoneley

Blenheim School
Investigate the learning needs of diverse students, specifically those with Autism Spectrum Disorder and reflect on the best teaching practices for those students.

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Yvonne Tahere 

Otaki School
Develop a scaffolded Māori alphabet resource for children who are transitioning from kōhanga reo.

Janine Tarawhiti

Waltham School
To inquire into effective practices and programmes for special needs students and the use of ICT to accelerate the progress of students achieving below or well below the National Standards for Literacy.

Wendy Taylor

Victory Primary School
An investigation into how schools manage and prioritise resources to support students with complex learning and behavioural needs.

Jane Taylor

Napier Central School
To investigate best practice, and the effective strategies teachers use in the teaching of writing to raise engagement and accelerate achievement of students underachieving in writing; and to investigate effective practices in literacy leadership that will lead to positive professional learning and increased capabilities for teachers as well as accelerated learning for students.

Kim Turner

Parklands School (Motueka)
Improve knowledge and understanding of the Enviroschools Programme in order to enhance the programme at Parklands School.

Linley Van Echten

Colyton School
Explore and investigate effective ways teachers are using technology to accelerate early literacy and numeracy in new entrant classrooms.

Raewyn Wright

Isleworth School
To investigate best practice for successfully transitioning Māori and Pasifika children and their families into schools to maximise the child's learning potential; to identify any barriers and investigate how they can be reduced or eliminated.


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