2019 Sabbatical Reports - Primary Teachers

The following is a list of Primary Teacher Sabbatical recipients for 2019.  

The list is sorted by surname, and you can click on the index below to assist you. If a recipient has published their report online, a link will be added below, as it becomes available.

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Steven Aiken

Raumati South School

To undertake research into how science is viewed from a Māori and Pacific perspective.

Nicola Allcock        

Te Horo School (Otaki)

To investigate and learn from other schools, teachers and experts about junior play based learning programmes and the transition to school.

Lesley Allen

Awapuni School (Gisborne)

To explore how and why other schools support transitions into primary school, across primary school year levels and from primary school to Intermediate.

Virginia Ashby

Blind and Low Vision Education Network

An investigation of evidence based best practice teaching pedagogy for assisting teachers, administration and support staff, and students to create accessible documents in a number of everyday programs.

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Alistair Banks

Clyde School

To improve the learning and cultural needs of Māori students in out school, by consulting staff, local whānau, Tamariki and iwi, in order to form an overall picture (Tangata Whenuatanga) of what it is to be Maori.

John Barthow

Omokoroa School

To investigate the use of the Quick60 programme as an intervention reading programme for priority learners in schools. The focus would be at the junior level, comparing its effectiveness with Reading Recovery with other programmes such as STEPS.

Jeannette Beale

Tokoroa Intermediate

To investigate, research design and develop the role of SENCO as it can be best used in the Intermediate school setting. The aim of this is to ensure the most successful ways for integration and support of students entering the Intermediate school setting who have special needs and learning support students.

David Beehre

Somerville Intermediate School

Inquiring into highly effective e-learning practices that accelerate learning and advance learner agency, with a particular emphasis on the SAMR model of technology integration.

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Nicola Brickland

St Thomas School (Auckland)

I will review current literature around.  How learners sustain success in achievement when transitioning from year 8-yr9.  I will plan my research questions to best explore this learner transition in a variety of learners settings.  I will visit a range of schools to gain information which I can then analyse for my report.

Sara Brown

Weston School

To investigate the curriculum, pedagogy of transitions and priority learners.

Jaimee Browne

Mangawhai Beach School

To investigate the benefit of an acceleration programme for target students, including Maori, aligned to the PRIME Maths programme.  This will look at the relationships between the pedagogy of accelerated learning programmes and student learning within the specific context of PRIME Maths at Mangawhai Beach School.

Christine Cosgrove

St James School (P North)

The relationship between current pedagogy of collaboration and mixed ability teaching when it is applied to mathematics using the Mathematical Inquiry Community model.

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Peter Cowie

Vardon School

To investigate ways that Vardon school can accelerate Māori student achievement in years 3-6 through the development of the key competencies in a learning through play context.

Barbara Curran

Pleasant Point Primary School

To research Place Based Learning in New Zealand and the USA with a view to making changes to my school curriculum and its approach to integrated learning.

Lisa Deane

Fairfield Primary School

Investigate of the current systems, strategies and inclusive practices in New Zealand primary schools around Special Education.  The focus will be to maximise learning opportunities for identified priority learners on the autistic spectrum, specifically children diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

Amanda Dennison

College Street Normal School

To investigate and evaluate how personalising learning in the area of writing is impacting student learning outcomes for our priority learners.

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Christine Donnelly

Port Chalmers School

Provide an alternative programme for young dyslexic children who have failed to make progress on the Reading Recovery programme and have been referred on to Resource Teachers of Literacy - also without success.

Lisa Duff

West Eyreton School

To investigate teaching and learning in a curriculum area, in terms of promoting and enhancing boys engagement in writing. As well as to investigate leadership in teaching and learning.

Dianne Dunn

Opotiki School

To research and explore pedagogy for boys especially Māori boys. To investigate strategies for engaging and helping Māori boys achieve in Maths.

Cade Englefield

Christchurch South Intermediate

I plan to explore the link between pedagogy and students learning.  I plan to investigate the relationship between competencies led pedagogies and outcomes for students through research review and engagement with a range of school based contexts.

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Dona Ferrier-Ferguson

Springlands School

To investigate the actions of the Middle Leaders in their collaborative inquires to determine the conditions that foster the greatest leverage in accelerating the achievement of Māori and Pacific learners.

Anne Fitzharris

Makauri School

To explore how Digital Fluency enables Mathematical Acceleration through the use of Digital Technologies in Collaborative teaching spaces.

Jane Fuller

Temuka Primary School

To research and investigate successful, meaningful and sustained engagement and partnerships with parents, whānau and community.

Murray Gosling

Hastings Intermediate

To investigate how the Markerspace approach encourages students to engage with new technologies and innovative practices to design and build projects.

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Kylee Hanlon-Judd

Wakaaranga School

To undertake professional learning activities in areas of teaching and learning in a curriculum area and implementation of the NZ Curriculum, as well as inquire into how Enrviroschools transition their students between sectors/settings.

Linda Heckler

Kaurilands School

I propose to undertake professional learning in the area of students with diverse learning needs in particular students with dyslexia or dyslexia or dyslexia or dyscalculia.  I intend to create a mathematics student learning resource for in class use that reflects New Zealand culture with the purpose of introducing and consolidating a mathematical concept such as time, for students with dyslexia or dyscalculia.

David Jackson

Pahiatua School

To inquire in to the specific key competencies desired by firms for success in a career in digital technology, particularly for our priority learners (Maori).

Leonie Janssen

St Canice's School (Westport)

To learn the necessary pedagogy that would enable our culturally diversified school students (18.9% Māori and other nationalities) to transfer their Inquiry Learning in a way that ensures there are valuable and practical student outcomes.

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Joanne Jeffery

Whakarongo School

To examine ways to support the learning needs of ākonga with challenging behavioural needs within a Flexible Learning Environment, in order to raise student achievement and improve learning outcomes for our priority learners across a conceptual curriculum.

Nicola Jenkins

Dovedale School

To investigate the Developing Mathematical Inquiry Communities programme and develop my pedagogical knowledge and teacher capabilities to raise achievement levels in Mathematics and meet the needs of Maori and Pacific students and diverse learners using a culturally responsive, evidence-based programme.

Patricia Le Roy

Mt Richmond School

To research the challenges, barriers, and enablers in delivering an effective and seamless Outreach service to ORS funded students in mainstream schools.

Jan Macleod

Motueka South School

To investigate Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and how implementing inclusionary practices in the classroom can increase access to learning for all students. My main focus will be on strategies that enable learning in Primary School.

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Natalie Magon

Woodleigh School

To develop a new entrant assessment resource that better reflects our social philosophy, and acknowledges the importance of developing the cognitive, social, physical and emotional development of our young tamariki.

Sarah Martin

Waverley Park School

To research and investigate Talk for Writing (T4W) as a tool to promote oral and written language development in the first few years of school.

Lynn Massie

Red Beach School

To investigate how to meet the needs of diverse students and Māori and Pacific Students.

Karen McKay

Raumati Beach School

To become familiar with the pedagogy behind play-based learning, and the techniques and strategies that can be used to ensure that it is being delivered effectively.

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Karen McMillan

Waterloo School

To investigate the readiness for school of our 5 year olds, with a focus on Māori and the effectiveness of Learning Through Play as a philosophy. To create a School Entry Assessment toolkit which reflects readiness for school.

Merrylle Millar

Mangatawhiri School 

Investigate the learning needs of the identified Māori students in our school with a view of accelerating their achievement as identified in our 2018 ERO review.

Angela Morriss

Ashhurst School

To observe Te Whariki Early Childhood Curriculum in action through visiting Early Childhood centres to participate and engage in discussion. Te Whariki has four principles and five curriculum strands that weave a programme of learning for children.

Heidi Nieddu

Otaika Valley School

To research further into the Ministry current focus on raising teacher expectations and improving outcomes for Maori students.

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Claire Nimmo

Waihopai School

Investigate the theory behind, and practice of Play-based Learning and how it can be implemented within the New Zealand Curriculum to best meet the needs of children in the Junior area of the school and those transitioning from Early Childhood Education.

Geovanna Paine Fierro

Ross Intermediate

To explore successful models of practice to share back with the community and to gain an understanding of the challenges associated with an ever growing refugee community.

Michelle Patterson

Melville Intermediate

Investigate how schools can make acceleration in Mathematics sustainable once the resource to employ mst/alim teachers is not available. Putting together a New Zealand based resource of rich tasks and ideas for accelerating the learning of at risk students. Consolidating the learning from 2 years of Maths MST study to produce a series of Staff Development sessions to sustain effective teaching and learning in Mathematics at the Intermediate level.

Matthew Pegg

Konini Primary School (Wainuiomata)

To identify innovative and inclusive inter-school sport/recreational programmes that are currently being used in New Zealand and abroad to meet the diverse learning needs of students during physical activity.

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Neil Preston

Greytown School

Investigate and gather evidence from schools using the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) Framework that are successfully implementing Tier 2 interventions.  Discover and evaluate how they plan to sustain it over the long term.

Alexandria Purvis

Papatoetoe Central School

To spend time at schools in New Zealand to undertake a study around how they implement Te Reo Māori in their schools.

Lisa Rose

Tauriko School

To investigate the relationship between pedagogy and students' learning. Student development or behaviour and Leadership in teaching and learning.

Neal Strydom

Whakatane Intermediate

To create a dynamic teaching resource for teachers to support the effective teaching of Biotechnology, with a special focus on developing young entrepreneurs.

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Zayne Templeton

Ross Intermediate

To investigate the development of localised curriculum and its responsiveness to the learning needs of diverse students within a school community.

Carolyn Thelning

Weston School

Student development or behaviour and learning needs of Māori Students: Research to produce evidence of the positive impact Growth Mindset can have on student learning through helping students develop self-belief and self-efficacy.

Angela Walters

Fairfield Intermediate

To engage with research and investigate successful interventions, practices and strategies that will aid the acceleration of learning for year seven and eight students in writing, focusing on at risk learners.


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