2019 Sabbatical Reports - Secondary Teachers

The following is a list of Secondary Teacher Sabbatical recipients for 2019.  

The list is sorted by surname, and you can click on the index below to assist you. If a recipient has published their report online, a link will be added below, as it becomes available.

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Julie Anderson

Kirkwood Intermediate

I propose three main Professional learning actions during this time:

1. Travel to China. This would be of benefit in enhancing my relationships and understandings of the many students with Chinese ethnicity who attend Technology Centre.

2. Leadership PLD - I am responsible for over 1030 students per week who participate in technology programmes and 9 teachers. Study of good leadership practices that support teacher to improve and shift teaching practices to reflect MLE students. Inquiry based learning and teaching as inquiry core pedagogies.

3. Reviewing curriculum design to support collaborative programmes, inquiry based learning and integration of digital technologies.

Suzanne Anderson

Epsom Girls Grammar School

To undertake action research into specific aspects of student learning to find out what I need to do to prepare my students for careers that are not contemplated yet.

Radne Ardern

St Joseph's Maori Girls' College

To investigate the learning needs of Māori students from diverse schools, by exploring literature reviews, curriculum designs, and personal research.

Alasdair Donald Bain

Taradale High School

Improve teaching by researching and applying principles of explicit instruction.

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Catherine Bartlett

Mt Roskill Grammar

To research e-learning, such as game-based learning and gamification in Senior Science (Biology) and the effects on student motivation, engagement and outcomes for assessment.

Alastair Blyth

Christchurch Girls' High School -Te Kura

Research how government policies and economic issues interact in New Zealand and in other countries.  With a view to updating Level 2 economics resources we teach with and the way we assess the interactions between government policies and contemporary economic issues.

Gregory Cave         

Mt Albert Grammar School

Create a guide for Classical Studies Teachers planning to take students to Greece and Italy. This will focus on places to visit where students will be able to see first-hand many of the art and architecture works that are studies in New Zealand schools.

Shelagh Cave

Mt Roskill Grammar

Research and produce a number of English translations of Māori pakiwaitara/legends for use with New Learners of English and junior Te Reo Māori classes.

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Simon Condon

Northcote College

To conduct an investigation into the relationship between a student-centred pedagogy, with student choice and engagement as a focus, and it's outcomes in terms of student learning.

Gary Cope

Liston College

To interview front line workers in selected Auckland Mental Health Agencies and secondary schools with the aim of providing practical tips and suggesting effective interventions for those working with at-risk students.

Elizabeth Dodds

Southland Girls' High School

To investigate other teaching and learning systems to enhance my pedagogical knowledge and style.

Jennifer Dustin

Palmerston North Girls' High School

The key area of professional learning and development is to investigate the benefits of mentoring students and the impact of mentoring on academic achievement, for Māori and Pasifika students.

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Talafaalelotu Elise

Auckland Grammar

Produce a plan for a series of lesson on the 'Mau' and design learning activities based on recently published resources and artefacts, oral sources collected on a research trip to Samoa.

Wendy Fleming

Katikati College

Continue to study Te Reo by attending Waikato University Summer School to start work on a Diploma in Te Reo and to create a classroom resource incorporating music and Te Reo for Year 8/9 students.

Andrew Gordon

Wellington High School and Com Ed Centre    

To investigate the potential of mindfulness and communication skills courses to improve the wellbeing of students and teachers.

Philip Gravestock

Taradale High School

To investigate methods of relieving student anxiety which is becoming more endemic in NZ Junior High School Students occasionally leading to greater problems in senior school.

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Genevieve Herder

St Mary's College (Wellington)

To investigate the teaching of Computer Science (computational thinking) in the Junior School (Years 9 and 10), and to support effective implementation of the new Digital Technologies curriculum.

Shane Isdale

Lynfield College

To develop software to help Year 9 and 10 students improve their basic number facts.

Charmaine Izaz

St Mary's College (Wellington)

To research techniques used to teach in Mathematics in German schools, catering for students of all abilities.

Craig Johnson

Hutt International Boys' School

To undertake literature reviews of the International Boys' School Coalition (ISC) Action Research, the IBSC study "Locating Significance in the Lives of Boys", and visits to IBSC Schools. To meet and discuss diversity and inclusive practices, and to investigate programmes for post-trauma which enables boys to deal with grief.

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Pauline Koorey

Sacred Heart Girls' College (N Plymouth)

To develop a narrative of the College's "Year of the Korowai" project, creating a resource that is both a historical account and a record of the enrichment and extension of cultural responsiveness and outreach within the school and its wider community.

Rene Lammers

Bayfield High School

I will undertake the following professional learning activities:

1. Investigation of other teaching and learning systems. Visit consistently high performing photography departments in New Zealand to research their teaching and learning systems.

2. Personal research of subject content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge.

Jenny Little - Green Bay High School

To investigate the innovative music pedagogy 'Musical Futures' and research its potential to develop and advance music education in New Zealand and establish my school as a Musical Futures Champion School.

Michael Livingston

Otumoetai College

Undertake a professional inquiry into Mathematical pedagogies for disengaged year 10 students in New Zealand secondary schools.

Linda McDougall

Nayland College

Healing Trauma' - Reading around this topic prior to attending a conference in the USA by Peter Levene. To gain knowledge of somatic experiencing to use with clients on my return.

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Michael McGarry

Otago Boys' High School

To investigate the impact of sports academies and high performance sport on the school curriculum.

Brett McGuinness

Campion College

Investigation between pedogogical style and student learning. Particularly improving literacy outcomes for males and Māori and Pasifika students. 

Ian McLaren

Northcote College

To provide a pathway for retiring teachers to stay engaged with a local High school through voluntary teaching, coaching or mentoring of individual or small groups of students.

John Neeson

Francis Douglas Memorial College

Research students' historical negatives of learning mathematics in NZ secondary schools, and identify the best practice pedagogy and environmental influences that create a positive pathway for improving well-being, motivation and performance in mathematics.

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David Okey

Western Springs College

To investigate the participation of girls in senior physics. Looking at why girls participate in other senior sciences and how that learning can be applied to the teaching of physics.

Sharon Oliver

Te Aroha College

To investigate pedagogical strategies used in other schools to promote greater independence in learners who commonly display passive learning behaviours, and to evaluate the degree to which these lead to more effective, active, and independent learning.

Mary Parkinson

Kelston Girls' College

Investigate the skills and preparation that is required to prepare students for entering the work place.

Vicki Royal

Northcote College

To investigate student development and student behaviour. To research, investigate and develop a Restorative Plan which can be introduced to benefit the schools, students and whānau.

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Kathleen Ryan

St Catherines College (Kilbirnie)

To develop knowledge of post-colonial literature and to attend the 26th International Conference on Learning in Ireland.

Julie Saul

Marlborough Girls' College

To contribute to the development of a cross-curricula, school-wide programme that enhances wellbeing and builds resilience of students in a single-sex girls' secondary school.

To use school data collected on wellbeing to gather and develop targeted programmes, resources and activities to positively influence the wellbeing of students at Marlborough Girls' College in a culturally responsive way.

In particular the development of activities and programmes that increase student knowledge and skills around the Mental, Emotional and Social aspects of wellbeing.

Victor Sharrock

Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu

To investigate barriers to learning in an online environment and improve feedback to enhance student learning and achievement in the social sciences curriculum area.

Gregory Stewart

Te Aroha College

To investigate Junior Physical Education Curriculum Design with specific relevance to boys' learning, performance, and managing 100 minute periods.

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Karen Sutherland

Tahuna Normal Intermediate

To explore the best practice for RTLB working in secondary schools, by investigating how other RTLB clusters operate in relation to servicing the secondary sector and manage the transition process into secondary especially for students with diverse learning and behaviour needs.

Philippa Trewavas

Nelson Teen Parent Unit

The effect of positive fuelling of the mind, body and soul' - To undertake an inquiry on the impact that nutrition has on student development, learning and behaviour, in particular teenage students from alternative education, and how this knowledge should be considered when designing an effective school curriculum.

Yvonne van Lent

New Plymouth Girls' High School

To investigate the learning needs of diverse students, with a particular focus on anxiety and other mental health issues.

Kamu Vasan

Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu

To conduct an Inquiry based research study that looks at developing effective relationships with Māori/Pasifika students enrolled in level 1 & 2 Pathways course within an online teaching and learning environment to raise engagement and achievement.

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Urmila Verma         

De La Salle College

To investigate and then implement some effective practices and procedures that other Auckland schools employ to induct, mentor, support and train their beginning teachers.

Caroline Wallis

Paraparaumu College

A combination of research and collation of primary sources for the purpose of writing an internal assessment for Level 3 Classical Studies.

Ann Weir

Hamilton Girls' High School

To look at the Level 3 Tourism course at HGHS and make it more engaging and accessible to our students.

Allison Williams - Taradale High School

To research how we can best support students in the school system who are experiencing anxiety and depression, and how we can engage with the parents/caregivers of these students to offer them support to prevent them from falling behind academically.

Hugh Williams

Hutt Valley High School

I will compare systems and structures in place that aim to ensure LGBTTI+ students feel safe and secure in their own identity at Hutt Valley High School (HVHS) with a cross-section of nine other New Zealand, Australian and U.S. Schools.

Darryl Work

Bay of Islands College

To investigate how other small secondary schools are responding to the challenges related to curriculum design where their roll is declining, and to what extent the CAPNA process influences this.

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